Get your GLOW!

Here at Cushe we are not about follow trends, instead we are much more interested in feeling good and making things which we genuinely like….but every once in a while our style and the latest in fashion trends meet head-on and the Cushe Glow is just such a time. The hottest thing in fashion this season is fluro colours, we don’t want to go crazy with fluro but figure the new Cushe Glow range is just the right amount of colour and super light comfort all packed together in one very cool shoe.

The Cushe Glow is part of the Cushe Slipper range - easy comfortable, relaxed, versatile, good looking, laid back and unconventional. What’s more the Cushe Slipper is packed with tech too including Zero degree pitch antimicrobial footbed, unique Cushe Rubber on EVA Manuka Honeycomb outsole and a sculptured wave sidewall profile to name but a few. In addition, its lightweight components mean that you won’t even feel it on your foot but you’ll continue to have all the protection of wearing a shoe.
The Cushe Glow is available in a men’s slip on and women’s mary jane.