Open Advent Door 20!

It's December 20th and we've hidden a pair of our stylish Boutique Sneaks behind Door 20 in our Advent Giveaway !

Our men's Boutique Sneak shoes are super stylish and ultra comfy and with our Calendar there's no need to fiddle about with that pesky perforated door, you just like our Facebook post or follow and Retweet our Twitter competition post to enter and one person will be picked at random each day. 

By mrxmas 20/12/2011

As aka Mr Xmas (my surname is Noel)i would love to be able to swap these for my snow shoes.

By leedslad 20/12/2011

wow what a great pair of feet soothers. would really love to win such a magnificent prize!

By Cathy Glynn 20/12/2011

Hubbie would just love these for Xmas, he has a fetish for shoes lol x