#CusheChristmas Competition: second winners announced!

Monday madness! To lighten up the blues, welcome back to the #CusheChristmas Competition. Today is the day we are giving away another two pairs of Cushe boots two one Facebook fan and one twitter follower.  We asked you how and where you would test your new pair of Cushes and Facebook fan June Gaynor would wear her Cushe Boots visiting the lovely Waddesdon Manor this Christmas. They always have a lovely Christmas Decoration display in the Manor, and I'd take the opportunity to test the boots in their beautiful gardens. We think she needs a pair of Cushe boots for that. Congratulations, June - you are the second winner of the Cushe Facebook page.  Kathryn Casbolt tweeted that she would try out her Cushe boots at Lake District. Kathryn, choose a pair and get cracking! Congratulations, you are the second winner on twitter - Merry Christmas.  The competition isn't over yet and you can still win yourself a pair of Cushe boots - stay tuned as we will be announcing the third part of the competition this afternoon.