Mitch's Secret Spots

Pro surfer Mitch Corbett always shows us a thing or two about leading a Cushe life so we chatted to him about his Top UK Secret Spots, and no we’re not talking about waves, this is his insider tips on the best coastal hangouts to relax and enjoy (although he still won’t tell us where to get those pasties).  So even if you don’t surf as well as Mitch does, at least you can still enjoy his lifestyle and of course try his favourite Cushe style - the very aptly named Surf Slipper which is available online here.

1: "Well my favourite place to hang out in the whole of Cornwall has to be at the north end of Penhale beach. There’s the most incredibly beautiful cliff that has a grassy area that was as if it was prepared for a surfer to just chill out before and after diving in for a dunk. I have spent many days and nights sunbathing and relaxing waiting for the tides to move onto the correct sand banks!"

2: "Newquay Boardriders is a surf club on Fistral beach that we have been working on for the last year or so.  It has now been kitted out with toilets and showers, which makes it a perfect hang out when the surf is good or bad! It is just situated in the perfect place. It will really push the surfing in Newquay as the younger generations will be able to hang out there and push themselves in front of there piers."
3: "The best pasty without doubt is in a secret little butchers on the outskirts of Newquay. There is a rule within the lucky people that know about these pasty shops to never ever pass on the knowledge as they run out too fast already. Sorry!"

4: "The best bar in Cornwall for me is the Beach Bar that is on Fistral beach. It is right next to the Surf Club which can be good and bad. But after a good surf and knowing the waves are disappearing it is so perfect to have a celebratory chat about the days surfing."

5: "Porthleven (Google map it for more pics) for me is the most perfect wave in Cornwall for a Natural footer. It is as Cornish as Cornwall gets and is a great place to spend the day in between getting barrelled surf after surf. The waves is situated right in front of the harbour that the whole town is revolved around. It is still a major fishing town that resembles the true Cornwall."
6: "More about food haha, Fistral is so awesome as it also has the best fish and chips shop in the Cafe above the Surf Club. The only bad thing about this is that when the waves are not so appealing the wallet can get slightly rinsed and the belly can grow!"

Thanks Mitch...anyone feeling hungry?