Day 3 at the BRITS

OK, so there's the night before to talk about and then all the action from the following day...

The night before

After the sucess of the Huckfest, a bouyant BRITS crowd desended on the Indy Bar at the bottom of the slope for a jolly Cushe party. Warming the crowd up was Seb Kern, who played a quality old skool Drum n bass set, leaving the crowd pumped and waiting for more from the headlinners, Urban Knights. These guys hit the stage, took stock and conquered, with some brainshaking dubstep and breaks. Sonically awesome, visually incredible, the Urban Knights were the guardians of all thats sacred and revered about the BRITS.

The action from the following day

Skier Cross and snowboard halfpipe were on the menu today. We had a particular interest as Becky was competiting in the finals of the skier cross finals and i'm very pleased to announce that Becky was once again on the podium, coming in 3rd after a crash halfway up the slope with the 4th place competitor. Nice one Becky!!!

In the snowboarding halfpipe, historically the blue ribbon event with the big guns all coming out to play, we we're treated to some explosive action in all catagories. In the womens, Animal rider and GB star Kate Foster took gold and in the mens, young buck, Jamie Nicholls took the honours with a trick he's learnt in practice that day.

All in all another corker of a day and muchos fun had by all.

More from day 4 tomorrow.

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