The breaks of Sud-Ouest France

If like us you love the breaks of the South West of France then take a look at the brilliant Contrast Magazine as they venture to shore with "the newest member of the Manuka Family – Manuka being Cushe Footwear’s trademark honeycomb outsole footwear design. Based around a deconstructed casual beach styled shoe, the Surf Slipper found peace in their natural habitat and is easily the most ‘Cushe’ shoe the brand has ever created."

Not only do Contrast feature some amazing images in their location showcase but they also write a pretty awesome review, here's just a taste but you can read the full story online here. “…Cushe™ [are] in a league of their own, no other footwear brand put attention to detail with such conviction. Comfort is like no other lightweight canvas based shoe, there’s no competition.”

“Cushe™ aren’t the typical footwear brand, they’re masters of foot companions – creators of shoes we rely on to perform through thick and thin, whenever you need it, wherever you need it, in any situation. Reliability is key in friendship and the durable materials used are second-to-none.”