We're inspired by like minded people, travelling and leading Cushe lives so when we heard about adventurer Dave Cornthwaite and his series of truly inspiring record-breaking expeditions we knew he had a Cushe attitude and lifestyle to look up to!

Back in 2006 Dave pushed himself and a skateboard across Australia from Perth to Brisbane, a five-month 3618 mile journey that broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance by skateboard. In 2009 he walked and kayaked for two and a half months along Australia’s Murray River, a distance of 2476km, and in April 2011 Dave and Australian Adventurer Sebastian Terry pedalled a tandem bicycle 1400 miles in 14 days from Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas.

Next week Dave will set-out on an incredible SUP (stand-up paddleboard) Mississippi Expedition, beginning June 20th, Dave will paddle across Lake Itasca in Minnesota, and then into the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, starting a source to sea descent of North America’s most iconic waterway, all by Stand Up Paddleboard. The 2400-mile journey is expected to take no longer than 80 days, with Dave averaging a minimum of 30 miles a day until he eventually emerges out into the Gulf of Mexico in early/mid September 2011. The length of the Mississippi River has never been paddled by a Stand Up Paddleboard so this adventure will smash the current distance record on a SUP, held by American Tom Jones who paddled 1507 from Florida to New York in 2010.

We'll keep you updated with Dave's adventures here but make sure you support him by following him on Twitter, Facebook and his website and watch-out for more of the journeys featuring Dave's Cushe clad feet, including paragliding across the Himalayas perhaps wearing his Cushe Spike trainers, rowing the Indian Ocean maybe sporting a relaxed pair of Manuka Slide's, or even rocking our Tammerack boots when crossing the Pacific in a pedal-powered boat or skiing to the South Pole! Phew, nothing too strenuous then!