THE GREAT CUSHE COMPETITION: Have yourself and very #CusheChristmas!

No matter how prepared we think we are, Christmas always sneaks up unannounced like a drunk relative at a Christmas party, so here at Cushe HQ want to make this wonderful, but oh-so-hectic time a little easier for you by filling your stocking with a brand new pair of Cushe winter boots. Yes, you heard it – fill your Cushe boots!

We're gifting 2 new pairs of Cushe boots every 4 days in the run-up to Christmas to one jolly Facebook fan and one Twitter follower. All you have to do is share the love and tell us where you'd go for the ideal #CusheChristmas – it could be any place, any where in the world!

We'll be popping up a new image every day for you to comment on here on the blog and you can join in on the fun via Facebook and Twitter. The first winner will be announced this Thursday - unlike your sherry fuelled great uncle, you'll know it when it arrives.

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By bella99 05/12/2012

It would have to be Lapland.... all that snow, log fires and reindeer!

By perkypigs 04/12/2012

I'd love to go to Austria ski-ing for Christmas, especially wearing my winning boots!!!

By ladyboarder9669 03/12/2012

woohoo! can't wait!! love your boots! xo xo

By Leserlee 04/12/2012

Love these boots, have everything crossed hoping I win, my friends would be so jealous

By lemonpiez 04/12/2012

I'd love to spend Christmas in Honolulu.

By janetbennett 04/12/2012

absolutely gorgeous

By Lorraine Johnson 04/12/2012

There are so many places in the world that I would love to visit but over the whole Christmas period, there is nowhere in the world that I would rather be, than at home, with all my family around me, 100% true! My #CusheChristmas is home sweet home!

By daisyduck 04/12/2012

There is nowhere I would rather be than with my family at Christmas. Although if I could whisk them all off to an Alpine lodge surrounded by snow, well provisioned and with staff to cater to our every need that would be amazing !

By dropastitch 05/12/2012

Norway. On my bucket list

By Pinky 04/12/2012

So warm boots and so warm CusheChristmas!!Love u~Cushe

By ashton4371 06/12/2012

I would like to go to Florida because my daughter really wants to visit her Great Grandma there...but our family can't this Christmas due to our financial situation.

By compingstar 04/12/2012

#CusheChristmas There's nowhere I'd rather be that with all my family, round big log fire back home in Wales!

By collinsona 03/12/2012

Cant wait I LOVE your boots x

By anissa23 03/12/2012

Yay! Can't wait!! Thanks for the chance

By maggie67 05/12/2012

I'd love to go to Lyon in France to spend time with my grandchildren wearing my Cushe boots, of course

By Leserlee 04/12/2012

My ideal christmas would be in orlando florida with my grandchildren visiting Disneyworld and Mickey Mouse