3 Hungry Boys hit Channel 4!

Channel 4’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall set the Three Hungry Boys a challenge to travel across the South West using only renewable energy sources, without spending any money.  Last summer the cheeky trio of Cushe ambassadors spent a month journeying around Devon and Cornwall in a modified electric milk float, which needed charging every 40 miles or so - and only hits 17mph in full flow. 
With the additional trials of surviving without spending any money, the boys spend the month living off land and sea, foraging for food, swapping labour for meals by grafting on mussel boats, and blagging power from any renewable source they could find.  Tim, Thom and Trev faced the challenge of cooking up tasty recipes from their scavenging efforts, and their bartering and banter makes for brilliant viewing.  At Cushe HQ, we love a bit of adventure, especially if it’s sustainable and involves good food!  We followed in the boy’s footsteps whilst they were filming over the summer, but can’t wait to really see how they got on!  The new series of Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys will be on Channel 4 for the next three weeks on Sundays at 7pm.

 The Three Hungry Boys gave us some tips for dressing for the great outdoors:
“I love my Cushe Surf Slippers and wore them all summer whilst we were travelling round Devon and Cornwall.  They’re really lightweight and comfortable, so you can wear them all day, whether you’re toiling for your tea or bartering for breakfast.”
"We used our electric bikes to explore the countryside when Daisy, our van, needed a bit of a rest or a re-charge.  My Cushe Boutique Sneak trainers were just the thing for whizzing around the country lanes, and the flexible memory-foam insole meant I was always comfortable (even when we had to push the bikes back up those hills!)”
"If like me you've been out in the cold, perhaps knee-deep in sea water before clambering the cliffs to search for samphire to accompany that plate of freshly caught mackerel then I recommend Cushe’s After Ride boots, teamed with a thick hoody!  The boots are fleece lined and slip-on, so warm you up instantly, but are also waterproof and have a really rugged sole!  I reckon that even if you’re not foraging for food Three Hungry Boys style, these would do the trick on a weekend in the country or by the sea."