Congratulations Swim 1000 Team

Cushe sends our adventurous ambassador Dave Cornthwaite a huge congratulations for completing the epic Swim 1000 challenge! Dave swam a massive 1000 miles along the Lower Missouri River, starting in Chamberlain in South Dakota and finishing at St Louis, Missouri. Dave was supported by his team, who paddled alongside on paddleboards and canoes, in an effort to fundraise for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel. The whole team were geared with Cushe footwear to wear on the challenge, and Dave wore his Evo Web Canvas Sandals whenever he wasn't in the water. Apart from his swimming flippers and bare feet, Dave wore his Cushe's throughout the entire 58 day expedition. The hardy Evo's withstood the cross-terrain adventure, ready to survive another trip! We are so proud of Dave and the team completing their challenge and raising money for a worthy cause, and glad we could send them on their way with a little Cushe comfort.



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