THE GREAT CUSHE COMPETITION: Day 2 with #CusheChristmas

As one Cushe fan suggested yesterday, a Christmas at the mountains in Hawaii sounds pretty awesome! Tell us about your ideal #CusheChristmas for your chance to #WIN a brand new pair of Cushe boots. We'll be gifting the first pair on Thursday - hop in on the action!


By WinterWanderlust 04/12/2012

My ideal #CusheChristmas would be skiing in Europe, followed by Christmas lunch at the chalet with family and friends, mulled wine by the fire and my Cushe boots keeping my feet toasty warm and dry. The waterproof Cushe boots will come in handy when I spill Mulled Wine on myself ;-)

By ladyboarder9669 04/12/2012

My ideal #cushechristmas would be putting my lovely cushe boots away just for a few days, while I visited FIJI! :)

By anissa23 04/12/2012

My ideal #CusheChristmas would be hiking in Blue Ridge mountains while it snowed then hot tubbing to relax the muscles

By Lubka 04/12/2012

My ideal #CusheChristmas would be sitting in Transiberian Train, making many stops during journey, knowing people living close to railway and enjoying wild Russian country untill we reach Beijing.:-)