THE GREAT CUSHE COMPETITION: First winners announced!

The first winners of the #CusheChristmas competition have been announced! We are giving away a pair of their choice to one lucky Facebook fan and one loyal twitter follower. Our Facebook fan Sallie Guest's ideal #CusheChristmas would be in the UK. She'd wander off to Norfolk, land of fields and hay, which would be a great treat for a townie. And boots, they are a must - it's the place where her son lives and the snow is just a crust. Sallie would love to have a pair of Cushe boots, so she could go in style and no longer have soggy feet after walking half a mile. Sallie, we are giving you that pair - Merry Christmas ;)

Nicky Stevens tweeted us that her ideal #CusheChristmas would be in New Zealand, where there is still summer, but she'd love to hike up to the mountain glacier and search for some real snow. You'll need a pair of Cushe boots for that Nicky, so here you go - pick a pair and Merry Christmas!

We'll be contacting all the winners directly via Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for round two of the Great Cushe Competition today, so you can get in on the action too!