Tips for a Cushe life!

With the sunshine making an appearance just in time for the start of British Summer time, our Cushe friends on Facebook and Twitter have been posting their best excuses to get our of work early and they've ranged from the hilarious, to the quite plausible and the ridiculous.  

These are just a few of our favourites to get you out of work and into the sunshine:

1. Josh - Why lie? Honesty is the best policy. Just say "I'm going skateboarding" =]

2. Dan - Sir, I regret to inform you that I have to resign today. I'm pursuing a career in selling office lawn furniture

3. hOT dOT! - * writing a note on a piece of paper.... "I've lost my voice so I will have to go home"

4. Andrei -  You are a shoe company and shoes are usually worn outside, you really need to get in touch with this year's sun in order to create the next summer collection.

5. Mitch Walker - "My dog ate my kid’s homework so I have to go bring him/her another copy at school"

6. Ms Goriami ‏- "I'm sorry I left my new Cushe shoes at home alone & the sun makes them restless so i need to go rescue them!"

7. Brita - "sorry, there's been a death in the family.... have togo home and flush Goldie down the loo"

8. DEE - "my astrologer has warned me to finish work early today,if I don't it will have disastrous consequences for the whole planet!"

9. Andrei - "You really need to find a new position for the 'lazy boy' and this cannot be accomplished indoors."

10. Christine - "my feet have a mind of there own, at the moment they want to walk on sunshine'

Our Cushe congratulations go out to Josh who wins a pair of brand spanking new Cushe's.  Well done Josh, we'll message you the details and we'll have another competition next week, so keep a look out!

Keep it Cushe all :)