Cushe in Compliments!

We're never shy when it comes to talking about how wonderful our footwear is but if you needed a second opinion then there's been no shortage of amazing reviews recently.  Here's a few of our favourites and with lovely comments about our soles "that laugh in the face of puddles" and our boots that are "like a hug in shoe form" we couldn't be happier:

Mens Fitness magazine reviewed our Cushe Tammeracks, awarding us a whopping 5 out of 5 Stars on their review stating...
"This boot features a unique kick plate that both protects your heel and enables you to kick off the boot without muddying your hands. A premium waterproof leather and suede upper easily handles water, mud and scree while a ventilated mesh lining keeps your foot dry, well aired and protected throughout your hike. The moulded Vibram outsole is lightweight but shallow, which enhances the boot’s mobility on almost any terrain but may compromise grip in sludgy conditions."

The Girl Outdoors reviewed our IT Cuff boots and said they were...
"The perfect winter boot for the city. Completely waterproof with a thick rubber sole that laughs in the face of puddles and a super comfy lining that feels like wearing a woolly jumper on your feet, the IT boots are like a hug in shoe form. What´s impressive is that they also manage to be stylish – the soft fawn colour is gorgeous and they look fantastic with skinny jeans and a boyfriend cardigan. I´m in love and can´t wait for it to get cold so I can wear them constantly."

Speaking about our Cabin Fever boots Zest magazine talked about our style credentials..."Waterproof, lambswool lined, and good for your feet too, these boots from Cushe are the ultimate warming winter boot. Navaho-inspired trim looks great too in line with this season's ethnic colourways. Made from 100% waterproof leather and suede, Cabin Fever boots also boast weatherproof sealed seams for ultimate winter comfort. But that's not all. Injected EVA cushioning makes for top-class underfoot comfort and durability; VIBRAM high-performance rubber soles support the arch of your foot."

...and we love that Blogger Mummy and the Beastie also enjoys her Cabin Fever boots, speaking about why they've got "the edge"...
"What I love about them is that they are made really well and are extremely sturdy in comparison to Uggs. I can’t imagine them flopping over onto their sides like my tall Uggs do at the moment. They are not slouchy or slovenly and this makes these boots have the edge, in the fact they actually are very smart but yet remain casual and comfortable."

Great stuff!

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