THE GREAT CUSHE COMPETITION: Day 4 with #CusheChristmas

Here we go again - it's Day 4 of the great #CusheChristmas Competition and a whole new round with that! This time we'd like to know where (and how!) would you test your new pair of Cushes if you won them?


By hjr 06/12/2012

I would take them on my trip to Canada next year, i am volunteering to help an Animal rescue centre.

By saranna 06/12/2012

I'd take them horse racing, dog walking and (sorry) even to the yard when I do my own horse.

By Lubka 06/12/2012

I would test them in The High Tatras during my next year vacation. There are many beautiful places - valleys and peaks to visit and to have comfortable hiking boots on feet...

By Lorraine Johnson 06/12/2012

I would test them out by hitting the January sales. If they can survive the stampede of the clumsy people who always jump all over my toes & can protect & cushion my poor feet during my mammoth shopping sessions, then they will be my staple footwear for ever!!

By sparky61 06/12/2012

I'd wear them in the Lake District and sure they'd work a treat. For keeping me comfortable and CUSHEioning my feet. I'd walk along the lakes be it through mud, sluch, snow or rain. I think my lovely Cushe boots would survive almost any terrain. And when I got back home again from my walking and my hiking. I think I'll be very proud to say that Cushe boots are very much to my liking.

By kellyann32 06/12/2012

I would wear them shopping, as much as i do (sometimes) enjoy having to walk around every single shop at christmas and as i don't drive i would at least be in comfort doing it.

By lynndibb 06/12/2012

Outside here in the Yorkshire Dales it is snowing like mad at present.

By catg84 06/12/2012

I would just wear them every where, especially now its gotten cold and I have no car and would help me stay on my feet this year on the ice and snow

By Lindybops 06/12/2012

I'd test them while taking my 4 wonderful children around the scenic walks in Scotland

By anissa23 06/12/2012

I'd test them out in my backyard hiking through our forest with my girls to find the fairy island that the trolls hidden. #CusheChristmas