Top 5 Beaches

With summer holidays on the brain, team Cushe bring you our top 5 beaches to get away from it all and really soak up the sun and unwind in some of the world's most naturally beautiful settings.



Not a pool in sight, just sand, surf and sun.
Sink your feet into the sand in our super comfortable Manuka sandals.
We wish we could!


1. Aharen beach, Tokashiki island, Japan.


2. Ko Phi Phi Don, 40km south of Krabi, Thailand.


3. Whitehaven beach, Australia.


4. Phra Nang beach, Thailand.


5. El Cabo, Columbia.


Images courtesy of Roughguides.


Swim 1000

On August 10th 2012 Dave Cornthwaite jumped into the Missouri River having never swum further than 100 metres in one go.

His team had never paddled on a big river but were right alongside him in a Mad River Canoe and on Lakeshore Stand Up Paddleboards, helping to support Dave & raise funds for the breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel! 58 days and 1001 miles later they reached St Louis, Missouri.

This is the story of a true adventure, some good old fashioned British grit, and how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they just say yes.

..And in case you were wondering, Dave also wore his Cushe shoes, in-between swims!

Help raise funds by clicking here >>

View the movie here >>


Stylish in the city - Wanderlust recommends Cushe for the city dwellers

Travel, adventure and culture magazine Wanderlust features Cushe's Koa Canvas flats in the 'What to pack for a city break' feature: "The flats are memory-foam cushions for comfy wandering, while their metallic sparkle suits city bars".


Congratulations Swim 1000 Team

Cushe sends our adventurous ambassador Dave Cornthwaite a huge congratulations for completing the epic Swim 1000 challenge! Dave swam a massive 1000 miles along the Lower Missouri River, starting in Chamberlain in South Dakota and finishing at St Louis, Missouri. Dave was supported by his team, who paddled alongside on paddleboards and canoes, in an effort to fundraise for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel. The whole team were geared with Cushe footwear to wear on the challenge, and Dave wore his Evo Web Canvas Sandals whenever he wasn't in the water. Apart from his swimming flippers and bare feet, Dave wore his Cushe's throughout the entire 58 day expedition. The hardy Evo's withstood the cross-terrain adventure, ready to survive another trip! We are so proud of Dave and the team completing their challenge and raising money for a worthy cause, and glad we could send them on their way with a little Cushe comfort.




Swim1000 Update

Exciting news from Cushe ambassador and eternal adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, as he passes the halfway mark in his Missouiri River expedition 'Swim1000'.
Dave's aim is to complete a 1000 mile swim down the Missouri River, to raise £100,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness. It sounds to us like it's going, well, swimmingly!

Follow the progress of Dave, and his team who will be paddle boarding alongside him, on the interactive map here.


A Postcard From Indonesia

Cushe ambassador Mitch Corbett drops us a line from his surf trip to Indonesia, along with some fantastic photos of the waves out there! Mick says that the trip has so far been 'an eye opening solo experience', and writes that he is 'currently very lucky to be sitting in front of Nias, a wave in the very north of the Indonseian islands, a surf spot on every surfers list of to-do's'. He goes on to say he's 'done so much surfing it's painful!'. Check out Mitch's photos of the incredible Indonesian waves. The UK surf champion is half-way through his solo surf trip, and we can't wait to hear more about his Cushe adventure.


Och aye the noo!

Cushe headed to the Scottish Highlands last week and the small sea loch of Loch Goil for our latest photo shoot. 

We made more than good use of our shearling lined boots and waterproof leathers in some truly stunning scenery, and the aptly named Rest & Be Thankful pass and some cosy Scottish pubs definitely gave us a taste of truly Scottish Cushe living. 

Here’s some pics from behind the scenes including a curious two headed cow, a great treehouse and the Cushe team hard at work with a wheelbarrow!


Postcards from Iceland!

We're very proud to preview our brand new collection, which is coming to one of our brilliant footwear retailers near you from August, with this beautiful photo shoot of our Cushe road trip in Iceland!

Shot in various locations around Reykjavik, we braved the freezing conditions and one awe inspiring glacier to capture this beautiful and completely unique landscape as the backdrop our new Autumn-Winter collection which includes cosy lambs wool winter boots and stylish suede chuka's.

The trip provided some truly breathtaking photographs and not only were we lucky to discover this seriously cool Mazda in Cushe orange, a very Cushe looking lighthouse, but also shoot a very fit Cushe model who also happens to be Iceland's best chance of a Gold Medal in the gymnastics for the 2012 Olympic games!

Watch this space for see more of the collection soon alongside details of some of our brand new retailers!


'The World's Most Influential Travel Writer'

We love reading the globetrotting adventures of Cushe fan Paul Steele a.k.a The Bald Hiker on his brilliant blog, which is packed full of amazing images and inspiring stories.

We're obviously not the only ones to agree as Paul has now been voted 'The World's Most Influential Travel Writer' and his 156,201 (and counting) followers on Twitter are definitely a testament to that. In his down-time, Paul's a big fan of our casual Duologue shoes in tan with their stylish leather upper, moulded rubber outsole and undulating grip which are available online here!

If you want to read more from Paul you can find his blog here, and make sure you keep up with all his latest news here on his Twitter page.