Weekend Playlist Volume 4

Welcome to this edition of our 'irregularly posted, but always on the weekend, playlist'. Some of you are enjoying a long weekend, and that's pretty cool.

This week's playlist is Joywave heavy with some Brit rock thrown in for good measure. Dig in.


A little bird tells me...

Twitter' co-founder and inventor Christopher Isaac, AKA "Biz" Stone has declared his love for our Cushe Surf slipper, along with many others of course. Our Surf slipper's trademark honeycomb Manuka sole which moulds to your feet was described by The Contrast Magazine as our most 'Cushe shoe' yet, and we agree.

Photography from The Contrast Magazine. Check out the menswear range here: http://www.cushe.com/UK/en/Shoes-Mens


Just Landed

This month's issue of Wavelength Magazine featured our super cumportable Cushe Slipper shoe in their up and coming 'News' section alongside such brands as Shred and C Skins in a piece featuring the most recent advances in surfwear to hit the waves entitled, 'Just Landed'. 

For more Cushe mens footwear have a look at our full range at:




Collab Watch

This month’s issue of Drapers featured the announcement of our most recent collaboration with Hoffman California, the infamous print makers that have been a driving force in defining beach culture since 1924.

In a feature named 'Collab Watch' Drapers highlights that “the men’s and women’s range pays homage to the surf style of Southern California, through a quirky selection of colourful print fabrics from the vast Hoffman library”.

For more info of our Cushe X Hoffman collaboration visit: http://www.cushe.com/UK/en-GB/Blog/Article.mvc.aspx/55539512-be13-4d10-9d88-49c6b8f05b5a


Happy feet

This month’s issue of Bodyfit featured our ‘super-comfortable’ Manuka feet flops in their ‘New kit on the block’ feature, commenting on our trademark Manuka honeycomb sole design for ‘happy feet’.  Bodyfit’s Nana Akua states that ‘These easy-going shoes are versatile and automatically shaped to ensure they follow the contours of your feet’. 

For more Cushe womens footwear check out our full range at http://www.cushe.com/UK/en/Shoes-Womens 


Cushe X Hoffman California Fabrics collaboration sneak peek

Team Cushe are getting pretty excited about our upcoming collaboration with surf scene legends at Hoffman California Fabrics for our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Hoffman has been famously creating authentic Hawaiian and Balinese prints that have been a driving force in defining beach culture since 1924. With champion surfers, Walter and Philip Hoffman joining the company in 1950 during the SoCal age of surfing, the essence of the Cushe lifestyle was born.

The team at Hoffman create around 800 crafted patterned prints per year and are masters at capturing the Aloha spirit and culture, so our Cushe specialists certainly had a tough choice selecting the prints for this collection.


Spring/ Summer 2014 is a little while away so keep yourself up to date with a sneak peak of the collection here!


Surfer's Favourite

Coast Magazine have written up the Cushe Flipper sandal as their ‘Surfer’s favourite’ with ‘lightweight canvas styling, with inbuilt technology to protect your feet’. This 4 shell review highlights our trademark honeycomb design that ‘provides a rolling feel when you walk so you know that your feet are being protected and your posture is correct’.

For supported surfer feet check out our full range at : http://www.cushe.com/UK/en/Womens-Shoes



Rogue Magazine Cushe Evo-lite review

Rogue mag have taken to reviewing our new super light 'Evo-Lite' suede shoes and decided they are the 'perfect travel shoe', allowing your feet to breathe in the hot weather. Rogue Mag's Gillan Williams states that they are a 'versatile shoe, looking good with shorts, jeans or wearing chinos at a beach bar in the evening.' Check them out here


Cushe Photoshoot Video

Check out our ladies getting Cushe in Costa Rica for this season's photoshoot. We certainly wish we were back there. Check out the collection here for a full view of Cushe womenswear: http://www.cushe.com/UK/en/Shoes-Womens