Calendar DOOR 8 - We're feeling extra generous

Today we feel like a Santa but with less facial hair and better boots, so with that in mind we've hidden an EXTRA prize behind Advent DOOR 8. 

Not only are our Boutique Sneak shoes flipping stylish but they're Tim’s (from Channel 4's ‘Three Hungry Boys’) favourite shoe - so we've decided that if you win today you'll receive not just our Boutique Sneak shoes but a signed copy of the boys brand new book! Wow, we're making you're feet look great AND also teaching you to survive in the actual wild!

To join today's Advent Giveaway all you have to do is simply like our Facebook post or follow and Retweet our Twitter competition post to enter and one lucky liker will be picked at random each day.

Now where are the mince pies at?


Cushe by the Book

Here at Cushe, we always aim to live a laid-back life of travel, good-times and stylish footwear and what better way to celebrate this enviable lifestyle than feasting our eyes on a copy of our friends, The 3 Hungry Boys’ brand new book!

Packed with stories of living life in the wild from their new Channel 4 series, the book explains "how to catch, trap, forage and generally blag your way to survival in the wild" all of course while rocking your favourite footwear, whether like Thom your bbq-ing on the beach in your Surf-Slippers or perhaps, like Tim cycling across the moors in a pair Boutique Sneaks.

The books is available now and will make the perfect stocking filler... wrapped up with a pair of new shoes obviously!