Sophie Surfs In The Metro

Cushe Ambassador Sophie Hellyer appears in London's Metro newspaper this week. The UK surf champ brightens up a grey city commute with photos of her surfing in the desert. Sophie was lucky enough to surf the worlds most advanced man-made waterspouts facility, located in the United Arab Emirates. The surf pool is completely programmable, with six settings – break wave right, break wave left, break parallel, two separate half waves, a V-out, and a V-in. Even the wave height can be adjusted from 1ft up to 11ft. Sophie talks about how this technology could improve conditions for competitive surfing contests "The problem with surf contests is that wave conditions are rarely good enough, but a pool like this would be simply amazing and a terrific addition to the Olympics". Surfing as an Olympic sport-now that would be really Cushe!



A Postcard From Indonesia

Cushe ambassador Mitch Corbett drops us a line from his surf trip to Indonesia, along with some fantastic photos of the waves out there! Mick says that the trip has so far been 'an eye opening solo experience', and writes that he is 'currently very lucky to be sitting in front of Nias, a wave in the very north of the Indonseian islands, a surf spot on every surfers list of to-do's'. He goes on to say he's 'done so much surfing it's painful!'. Check out Mitch's photos of the incredible Indonesian waves. The UK surf champion is half-way through his solo surf trip, and we can't wait to hear more about his Cushe adventure.

More's the world's most Cushe Shoe!

One day, the creative designer types here at the home of Cushe were so relaxed they were almost horizontal, drinking tea, daydreaming of long Summer days at the beach and wondering just how they can make they can make life even more laid-back and comfy.  Eureka!  With travel in mind and cosy feet they discovered the secret of the world's most Cushe shoe and dubbed it the Cushe Slipper.

The Cushe slipper is a deconstructed beach style shoe - it's easy, fun, comfortable, relaxed, versatile, good looking, laidback, unconventional and 100% Cushe!  The perfect shoe for Summer, the Cushe Slipper is lightweight and versatile for any travel, no matter how far flung, from packing in your hand luggage, to keeping your toes comfy on the plane or at the beach, the new line is available in a range of beach-inspired colours from denim blue to neutral sandy tones to suit your holiday wardrobe.
Not content with having all the virtues listed above, the Cushe Slipper is also packed full of tech too, including Cushe’s zero degree pitch antimicrobial footbed, a unique ‘Rubber On’ EVA Manuka honeycomb outsole, and a sculptured wave sidewall profile to name a few - Its lightweight components mean you won’t even feel it on your foot either.

So go and give your feet a holiday, get yours here at Schuh!