Love me & Leaf Me...

This morning we are feeling all things Summery and are very pleased to unveil our 'Love Me and Leaf Me' collection - our most feminine line to date.

Drawing inspiration from Cushe's love of travel, comfort and adventure, the collection is inspired by the exotic plant life of Amazonian rainforest, with our designers aiming to recreate the feeling of walking on the forest floor - soft, comfortable, free and airy.

Combining tropical tones like 'Papaya Orange' in high quality nubuck, a contoured leaf shaped sole unit and 'Arts & Crafts' style embroidery, the range doesn't just look great, but centre’s around wellbeing through ergonomic technology to offer a more posture conscious and corrective feeling with each Cushe step.

So whether you're strolling abroad, taking in the sites of somewhere exotic or just want to give your feet a holiday, you can always feel a bit more Cushe where ever you are.