Super Frenchie Cliff Jump

Cushe team rider and professional skier and BASE jumper Matthias Giraud headed to Thailand last month with Puddle Monkey Productions alongside Suz Graham (pro skier), Whitney McVey from the show Thrillbillies, Jesse Hall and Marshall Miller from the GoPro Bomb Squad for an epic jump off a cliff in Tonsaï beach in Thailand. 
Captured mid flight on a GoPro camera, Giraud completes yet another epic jump.

We wanna do it!


Custom Cushe Boots for Super Frenchie

Professional Freeskier and BASE Jumper Matthias Giraud, also known as Super Frenchie, has shared these jaw-dropping photos of a jump in his custom Cushe's.
Cushe built the intrepid adventurer some custom Tammarac hiking boots in orange leather, with bright purple soles, laces and Cushe's iconic 'sitting boy' logo stitched onto the toe. Check out these before and after shots from the jump- Matthias preparing to take the leap strapped up to his parachute, and reaching the ground totally elated after an epic BASE jump – great t-shirt too, Super Frenchie!