The Kids Are Alright

Since we’re about to unleash the Cushe Slipper for kids, we’ve been having a lot of discussion around Cushe HQ about the best part of being a kid. Also the worst. 


What can we say – some people are glass half empty kinda folks. By some people, we pretty much mean finance. Those guys need some sunshine. Bad. 


Anyway, here goes:


Worst – You had a bedtime.

Best – You also had a naptime.


Worst – No rated R movies.



Worst – You had a curfew.

Best – Because you had to get up early and play all day. 


Worst – Chores.

Best – You actually got paid for doing them. 

Bonus Best – A $5 allowance was a FORTUNE. 


Worst – Finishing your carrots.

Best – Still believing they gave you the power to see in the dark. 


What’s your Worst / Best from being a kid? Tell us over on our Facebook page… and we’ll… read it? Totally. We’ll totally read it. 

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