C.L.I.M.A.T.E. Thinking

At Cushe, we've been developing produc t now for over 5 years.  With the footware manufacturing process, the shipping and delivery of product and flying all over the world to get our shoes in front of the right people; we've racked up our fair share of carbon guilt.

This has always weighed heavy on our shoulders and although all these aspects are critical in building up a new company, we felt it was about time we came up with a range of products that allowed us to tread a much lighter environmental path. The detrimental effect that footwear companies have on the environment is a serious subject but with this refreshed way of thinking, we thought we could have a bit of fun with it too. At the start of this process, we thought it would be a fairly simple task to find a blueprint for creating environmentally friendly footwear, but were amazed to find that no matter how hard we looked, it simply wasn’t there. The process that followed was as educational as it was challenging.

Conscious of our background and our way of doing things, the idea was to flip the lid on the way we manufacture and package our shoes from start to finish. We wanted to prove that as a footwear company, we could still make fresh, exciting product that was simple, environmentally conscious and at an affordable price.

The resulting range we came up with Contains Low Impact Materials And Thinking Environmentally (C.L.I.M.A.T.E), which represents a very small line that is isolated from the rest of our range, but hugely significant in terms of the difference it will make to the way we develop and manufacture Cushe product for the future.


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