Mitch Graces the Pages of Transworld Surf!

That’s right, Cushe surfer Mitch Corbett will be in the June issue of Transworld! We’re stoked to see Mitch featured in full gloss on the pages of one of the best surf mags in the world! Look for Mitch to continue surfing big waves in the rest of what has already been an awesome 2011.

In other news to file under badass, Mitch has been invited to Tasmania to surf with legend Michael Brennan at his local spot, Shipstern Bluff (<--LOVE how pirate that place sounds). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is basically like Dave Grohl inviting you to come over and jam… which we’re totally open to. So Dave, anytime you are ready to rock, call us. We’ll be waiting by the phone, holding our breath.

By the way, the June issue of Transworld features a lot of travel info for your surf trip planning pleasure; which we always recommend. Check out the cover: