Day 2 at the BRITS - The Cushe Huck Fest

Wowzers, that's the second day done with and what an eyeful we got. Snowboard Big Air and Freeski Slopestyle was on the menu today and neither disappointed. Under difficult conditions, both skiers and snowboarders pulled it out of the bag and kicked the knuckles out of the park. Surprises in both and a serious sight for sore eyes, all we're terribly impressive and made me feel inadequate and inspired in equal amounts. Big Up!!!!

Better, in fact, far better was what happened in the Apres area tonight! The Cushe Huckfest went off in the most incredible fashion. It basically was 'Sick to power of Rad'. Nuff said. Skiers and snowboarders, literally threw themselves into the Cushe Landing making for one of the most exciting events at the BRITS. The crowd cheerd, jeered, screamed and hollered at the top of their lungs pushing the competitors that little bit further to compete for the Cushe cash prizes. We gave out prizes for best back flip, best front flip, best double and finally, best freestyle. In total we handed out 500CHF's and those guys get a few extra beers tonight, my goodness, they deserve it. Kudos to all! Our eyes are in debt to you.