Cushe at SXSW

We’re packing our bags for Austin, y’all, and we’re rolling in hot!

Not kidding. We will actually be rolling around the city with our buds from Whole Earth Provision Company – the mecca of cool stuff, who is now carrying your favorite Cushes. Whole Earth will be giving our custom trailer / photo booth a tow around town courtesy of their wrapped van, so come hang out and get your photo taken.

We only have two rules about the photo booth usage.
1.    No “duck face”
2.    See Rule #1

So, aside from taking an awesome photo which you can later use to rub in your friends faces about how you were at SXSW and they weren’t, we’ll also be giving some super bonus extra sweet swag out. Also some discounts on your next pair of Cushe shoes, and possibly – if you’re good – we’ll have a way for you to win free kicks. IF you’re good (refer back to Rule #1 if need be).

So, where can you connect with the Cushe and Whole Earth Provision Company crew? We’re glad you asked, because we really dislike hanging out alone, and while most of us are very pretty, we have enough personal portraits. Find us at these venues, and discover some amazing shows going on too:

3/14 – KEXP Concert Venue | Mellow Johnny’s
3/15 – Matchbox Showcase | Dirty Dog Venue
3/16 – KEXP Concert Venue | Mellow Johnny’s

In summation: Whole Earth Provision Company + Cushe = BFF’s, Photo booth, Amazing music with KEXP and the Matchbox Showcase, free stuff, grand times.

Got it? Good. See you there! Can’t be there? Bummer. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know of what’s going on at SX and with Cushe.

<3, Cushe.

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