Pitchfork Day Two Recap

There was a reoccurring chant by a few of the performers on day two: "&%#* the rain!". After an early afternoon drenching created a bit of a muddy mess and a LOT of wet music fans, the grounds dried out and the shows were incredible.

Flying Lotus dropped the dirty, filthy, don't-take-home-to-momma bass and pulled a huge reaction from the crowd.

Sleigh Bells was the stand out performer of the day for us. They came on and simply went off. We're almost certain our organs were rearranged when we were getting blasted by soundwaves while fighting for pictures. They were huge, and singer Alexis Krauss was all over the stage. It's safe to say we developed another crush...

Hot Chip provided the Saturday night dance party, and inspired a makeshift jump-rope circle.

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