Summer Music Fest Tips

Sasquatch!, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Lolla, Austin City Limits… these are just some of the festivals still to come this year. The Cushe crew has been around the block a few times when it comes to summertime music festivals – and like the Cosby Kids (google it), we’ve learned a thing or two. If you are lucky enough to score tickets to a fest near you – or even better, a destination fest, here are some laid-back tips to keep your experience extra Cushe.  

Plan your own schedule – but go with the flow. Like any boxing match, the best plans go out the window as soon as you get punched in the face. DO NOT get punched in the face. DO make a loose plan, but be ready to change it up if the mood strikes, or the situation calls for it. Weird stuff happens in between stages, and sometimes, it’s better than the band. 

Keep your phone battery from dying… by keeping your phone in your pocket. Seriously though, no matter how good the resolution is on your phone, real life is WAY more HD. Plus, you’ve probably annoyed your friends leading up to the festival with posts about the festival. Enjoy before documentation. 

Comfy shoes. Duh. This is a given – but bonus if those shoes are also fairly easy to wash and / or look good with a little life on ‘em. It's important that you don't worry about any of your clothing while at a festival - shoes included. At some point, someone will spill something on you. Hopefully just a beer. We roll with the Cushe Slipper since it's easy to wash and easy to wear. 

Check out some artists you don’t know – ‘cause at one point, you didn’t know Vampire Weekend, or The Black Keys, or Prince. Wait… everyone now is just born with knowledge of who Prince is, right? Anyway, those artists in the smaller print on the festival poster are good too, so leave with someone new to tell your friends about. 

<3 Cushe