Last minute stand in to Team Cushe at the Katin PRO/AM

You know that feeling, when you've organised your stuff, got everything in place, crossed all the 'T's and dotted the 'I's? Nothing left to chance, done and dusted? Well that was the feeling I had this morning at about 11:30am, enjoying being part of the competition and finally settling in to some good ole' surfing action after months of planning. Then, all of a sudden, my phone rings and the conversation that ensues, throws everything back into the frying pan. Our surfer, who is due to ride in two rounds time can't surf due to an injury he picked up earlier in the day practicing to compete with us...

What does one do? Well, turn to the closest people to you and plead that they can help of course. I turn to my left, Jimmy Rotherman, but I can't ask him to ride again, he's exhausted after his round, I turn to my left and who is stood their, Cushe's Central American distributor, Roberto Palomo. Now, Roberto landed about 12 hours ago at LAX, so the reality is, he's only had about 5 hours sleep after travelling from El Salvador, he's also up here to experience the event and support his El Salvadorian brother, Jimmy.

  • Ciaran: "So, Roberto, what are you like in the water"
  • Roberto: "Yeah, I'm OK, I surf a lot down in Central America, its nice down there 80 degrees, no wetsuits, warm water..."
  • C: "How do you fancy riding for team Cushe in round 17?"
  • R: "Erm, yeah OK, sounds like fun"
  • C: "Great you're really helping us out and think of the story when you get home, grab a wetsuit and board and get going....oh and you'll be competing against the 3 times world champion and 2 times Katin PRO/AM winner Tom Curren"
  • R: "Thanks Ciaran!!!!!"
  • C: "That's that then..."

In paddles Roberto and huge Props to him, he went out there and he competed. Not only did he compete, he also put his body on the line and got totally hammered by a 9ft wave that must have felt like a house falling down on him. Roberto didn't win, and he didn't challenge Tom Curren, but he did take part and he was a contender and to top it all off, as he's walking out of the water a little kid came up to him and asked him for his was priceless.

Congratulations Roberto, for competition on the same level as Tom Curren, for helping us out of a tight spot, for taking part of an international surf competition and for not hesitating and just going for it. A credit to the team and for Cushe Footwear.

Roberto Palomo