3 Things We Love About Mom


This weekend is Mother’s Day, so because you can never tell her often enough, here are three things we love about mom. 

1. Mom always supports what you do. Unless it’s dumb / you are definitely going to get hurt… then she’ll tell you. Which is like a two-fer. She’s supportive and honest when needed. 

2. She was a badass, and she’s really good at playing it down. You think you can sneak in the house at 3am like a boss and mom doesn’t know ‘cause she’s not cool? Think again. Mom’s done that. After she pealed out on high school lawn. Welcome to busted town, bro. 

3. The average American will spend $168.00 on Mother’s Day this year, but mom really just wants to hang out or get a call. And a card. Mom LOVES cards. Write a note in it too, or draw a picture for bonus points. 

Also buy her this t-shirt:


Way to be awesome, mom. 

<3 Cushe

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