3 Things Not To Love About The Holidays

Dudes... we're a positive bunch. We like days without plans. When things go wrong, we roll with it. We support everyone's right to pursue happiness - especially around the holidays. Lately though, there have been a few things that have really not settled right with us about these days that we celebrate. It's time to get it out there. Here are 3 things we can't get down with this time of year:

1. "New" holiday music - This may have started with Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, aka Kenny G… and it should have ended with Kenneth. Thanks to this adult contemporary / smooth jazz saxophonist, we’re stuck listening to remakes of classic tunes that never needed remaking. We hope Kenny G’s stocking is full of coal. Every. Single. Year. 

2. Ugly sweater parties - Let’s be clear – this WAS a good idea when it started. It challenged the attendees to thrift a truly heinous knitted creation to debut at an annual holiday party. Now, it’s an industry. There are scores of websites that make it WAY too easy to score your next ugly sweater. In fact, you can even customize them. This newer tradition has lost its way. We’ll consider removing it from the list if it can get back on point. 

3. Krampus - OK. Christmas has been happening our entire lives, and we’re just learning about Krampus, the dark companion of St. Nicholas? What the actual #&$%!? This thing is terrifying! Why does this exist at such a joyous time of year? What does the Naughty List not cover that we need an actual Christmas devil for? What do people do to get on the damn Krampus list!? Krampus is a serious holiday bummer – and we would like it if he were struck from the record all together. 

We’re off to sharpen candy canes like prison shivs, just in case Krampus decides to crash our holiday party / is a real thing. 

On that note - have a laid-back holiday from all your pals at Cushe!  

By rblymier 3/23/2014

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