Custom Cushe Slippers

This past weekend we brought Detroit artist Chris Freitag to the Wolverine Company Store in downtown Grand Rapids, MI to add a little graffiti flavor to some of our Cushe Slippers. Chris was taking custom orders from customers as well – making their Cushe shoes even more unique.

Why did we do this? Well, aside from our love of paint and marker fumes (don’t judge), it was the opening weekend of ArtPrize in GR. Read more about this awesome celebration of public art here. Peep more about graffiti on our Slips below.

By Admin 10/9/2012

Oh no - sorry to hear this! What model of sandals did you try out?

By d 10/8/2012

I am very disapointed in my cushe sandles, I'm sorry to say. I really like the style and fit when i first purchased them. I thought they were a little pricey, but i liked them and its hard for me to fine shoes that I like, so i bought them. Within a few months i knew i made a mistake, they were wore out! I wore them everyday, they couldn't "hang".To bad, i thought they were going to be a good shoe . Won't buy another pair, sorry ( Also they make my feet smell )? Barefoot n the Keys