Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

An open letter to retailers across the country:

What the hell man!? Can you please stop pretending Thanksgiving doesn’t happen? We’ve let you invent “holidays” over the years, so at least give us a few weeks before you set up the trees and twinkling lights.

Your friend and pumpkin pie aficionado,

Seriously, we love all holidays, but let’s not blow past the awesomeness that is Thanksgiving. Slow down and put your Bing Crosby CDs away. Don’t unpack the porcelain snowman, and don’t fill it with those weird pinwheel candies that we assume are mint because no one has actually ever eaten one. It’s not time yet.

This week, enjoy a turkey, a turducken, or a tofurkey if that’s your thing. Enjoy an artisan apple-orange cranberry sauce, or the magically delicious canned cranberry sauce that retains a perfect can shape for convenience of slicing and serving. Most of all, enjoy the company of good friends and family… and the subsequent napping.

Also enjoy this 90’s Thanksgiving picture we found.

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