Beat the Heat

Hopefully you are finding a way to stay cool during the summer heat this year. It’s definitely been on the warmer side to say the least so far. While heading to the nearest large body of water is always our number one choice here at Cushe, not everyone has that luxury – or even the time. 

So we got to thinkin’, if we were landlocked, how would we cool out? Getting in front of the AC unit doesn’t count, that might keep you cool, but the entertainment factor is just above filling out tax forms. We have to have a little fun, so here are a few of our favorite things when it comes to summer fun.

The Slip N’ Slide. A total classic and occasionally dangerous depending on the surface underneath the thin vinyl slide. Getting a good sprint going before launching yourself down the yellow runway was always a point of pride. Bonus points if you have access to Crocodile Mile. It was basically Slip N’ Slide, but green.

Water guns. For most people, water guns were the first arms race of our lives. Once the first person on the block got a Super Soaker, you needed one, only bigger so as to deter the others from attacking you. I know what you are saying – running around and having a squirt gun fight with my adult friends is just going to make me hot. And that is exactly why you fill the water guns with ice water. Duh.

Water balloons. First off, no, these do not belong with water guns. A balloon fight is its own animal and it usually breaks out with someone catching an unexpected water balloon to the back. Once the first balloon is thrown, you must know that this battle won’t end until everyone is soaked. Or someone gets the hose out and puts the nozzle on Jet. This is a good thing though, since the point is to cool down. Take it like a champ… and retaliate.

The kiddie pool. This isn’t the same low rent action you might remember from back in the day. You can get some sweet digs that will fit you and a few friends.  This is actually a two part-er, because it’s absolutely essential that you pair this with a cooler filled with beverages. Kind of an unwritten rule though for dudes – no Speedos in the little pools.

There are plenty more options and many probably don’t involve water… though we can’t really see the point of that. Got a favorite way to enjoy the summer heat? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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