Sneak Peak & Free Shipping!

Earlier this week we had a little preview event at Cushe HQ – and our friends over at mLive came out to get the scoop. That’s still reporter-talk… right? Anyway, not only did they deliver the news on how awesome our shoes are doing (thanks to you, the badass fan base we have), they posted some photos of our upcoming product.

So click through, and enjoy a little preview of some of the things we’ve got coming for ya feets right here!

We’re also celebrating successfully NOT confusing Memorial and Labor Day this year by offering some hot, sweaty, free ground shipping action from our store. Just enter the code SUMMERSTYLE12 at checkout starting right now and all the way through Tuesday, May 29th. Do it. We won’t tell… unless you want us to?

That got a little weird, but we’re not sorry.

Have a great holiday weekend!

<3 Cushe