Autumn / Winter 2014 Preview

We just had our AW14 (that's shop talk for Autumn Winter 2014) Cushe crew gathering, where we all bounce around and get excited about next year's designs. As you can imagine, we do things a little differently. First, our models were our ambassadors Sophie, Mitch, and Matthias. Second, our drinking pals for the weekend were also Sophie, Mitch, and Matthias. Third.... what? 

Anyway, we grabbed a few photos from the upcoming line to share with y'all! Enjoy! 


Inside the Shoe Lab

Ever wonder where we get that delightful scent of leather, canvas, and natural rubber blends? It's not the hottest new fragrance you can buy, but a musk one can only acquire from spending time in our shoe lab. Ok, ok, lab is a little bit of a reach since we don't actually construct our ultra comfortable designs in this room, but it sounds better than Shoe Hole. We do cook up product names, play around with potential styling, and drink oddly concocted smoothies in here though, so it's a lab of sorts.

We'll close our word holes now, so you can take a look at the pictures. Plenty of upcoming styles featured here, which shall remain nameless until it's time to talk about them. Go ahead and get your shoe lust on though, because everything you see here is coming out in 2013.


Never Enough Boots

We like fall and winter for a few reasons: the colorful change in seasons, friends and family around the holidays, hitting the hills after a fresh snowfall... all good stuff. Most importantly though, it's scarf and boot season. We don't make scarves, but we do make a lot of awesome boots!

David Lee Roth once told Henry Rollins (and we're paraphrasing here) that every ticket he sold to a show was a contract his band had with that person for a good experience. Why are we telling you this? Well, because it's awesome and strange that Rollins and Roth have a friendship. More importantly though, we feel that same way about our boots. Shoes too, but we're talking about boots today. We want to keep your feet warm and dry. We want you to not settle for salt stains. We want to keep you looking good, and feeling Cushe. Check out our full range of women’s boots here.


Gentlemen… Boot Up.

At our secret lair in the Midwest, we can feel the cool air starting to creep in. Fear not the falling leaves though, friends. We have a couple of silky smooth boots this season that will pair perfectly with your fall and winter wardrobe.

The Bespoke Slipper Chuka and the Evo Desert are a Cushe take on classic men’s style. Both boots are incredibly versatile, and cross between casual and a little more professional effortlessly. The grey and brown pictured above go with just about anything. We’ve got you covered with plenty of options though, in case you are feeling a little friskier.

Speaking of that wardrobe, we’ve picked out a few updated basics that are a great compliment to your new Cushe kicks. We dig this pair of J. Crew 484 Selvedge denim. They are somewhere in between slim and skinny – which is the place to be. I think we can all agree it’s time to stop painting our pants on… No matter what denim maker you prefer, go for the selvedge finish and let your Cushe Life wear them in for a totally unique and crazy comfortable fit.

A solid oxford shirt is another staple. It tends to adopt the look of the parts around it, so you can dress it up or down. We like pockets in our shirts. In fact, don’t trust a man without a shirt pocket… We’ve got a UNIQLO take pictured above, but you can find these nearly anywhere. Just make sure it sports a pocket if you ever want us to trust you.

If you are looking to grab a new jacket this season, check out Spiewak. These guys have been making outerwear since 1904, so we’re pretty sure they’ve got this on lock. The Barrow CPO Jacket in Charcoal is a great mix of cool and classic.

These are just some of our ideas. What do you rock with your Cushe boots? As always, let us know over on Facebook and Twitter. Post pictures of your Cushe style; you never know how we’ll thank you for sharing. Because sharing… is caring.

<3 Cushe


A Very Cushe Holiday Gift Guide

While the holiday season claims you should be having dreams of sugar plums, we think that’s slightly outdated, and we have no idea what the hell a sugar plum is anyway. So we put together a short list of items that would compliment a Cushe Life – whether it is an urban or rural adventure you seek. If you don’t know what to ask for this holiday, anything on this list would be a great place to start…

1. Osprey Stratos 24 Pack
You need something to hold the stuff on the rest of your list, right? Osprey bags are rugged, lightweight, and feature plenty of pockets for a good volume to organization level. Not a lot of us will have use for a single ice axe attachment, but we have faith you’ll be creative in its use. ($99.00)

2. Merrell Mid-Layers
Super comfortable for anything from work outs to coffee runs as well as ideal for layering when the weather gets all weird on you. We dig the Tazlina Hoody for the ladies and the Cairn Hoody for dudes. ($89.00 - $99.00)

3. Aqua Vessel Ultra Lite Tritan Filtration Bottle
With the amount of water we’re all supposed to drink, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle by your side. This model from Eco Vessel has a plant based filtration system attached to the straw top… which means every sip of water gets cleaned on its way to your mouth. We can’t help you clean what comes out of your mouth, but we can help clean what’s going in. ($24.95)

4. Diana F+ Camera
We think one of the most important things in living a Cushe Life is making memories by doing what you love. It’s always a good idea to have a camera nearby to document the times and the people of your life. Digital is easy, but film in a plastic 1960’s designed camera has flavor. Embrace the variety of results caused by this perfectly imperfect beauty that inspired apps like Instagram. ($89.00)

5. Klipsch Image S5i Headphones
Your Cushe Life has to have a soundtrack, and these are great in-ear headphones to plug into your favorite iDevice and enjoy. Klipsch makes a great sounding product and the durability of the S5i’s is an added bonus. A great upgrade over the stock headphones that come with any music device. ($129.99)

6. Sun Bum SPF 30+ Sunscreen
Hey, there is a reason we support the Slater Brother’s Invitational and the World Skin Cancer Foundation each year. Protect your skin with this oil-free, Paraben-free, Vitamin E enriched sunscreen. And thank the sweet monkey logo for helping protect your hide. ($14.99)

7. The Cushe Shoes You Don’t Have
Wait, what? You need new pair of Cushes? How could we forget! This list wouldn’t be complete without your new favorite shoes. While we love all of our styles equally, we recommend the Surf Slipper Chuka for guys and the Wildtrip WP for gals. Both are Cushe takes on classic styles. ($90.00 - $160.00)

What’s in your Cushe Life holiday pack this year? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter – as always, we love to hear from ya!