NAWIA, Round 2

Our intrepid Surf Samurai, Mitch Corbett, reminds us yet again that Not All Wandering Is Aimless. Beautiful views, barrels, and the little moments in life. 


The Best New Gear At OR

Outdoor Retailer is a big-normous trade show in Salt Lake City for gear fanatics who drool over outdoor equipment, and apres-sport kit. Naturally, we're there to show off the latest and greatest designs from our secret shoe lab, and since many of us on the Cushe team are sporty, we're digging for new gear ourselves. Though, we try not to drool. There is a LOT to take in. Thankfully, there are people like the good folks over at the GearJunkie who spend hours putting together lists of the best gear. Also thankfully, the good folks over at the GearJunkie have picked the upcoming Matthias WP as one of their favorite products from the show! 

Check out the whole list from the GearJunkie here.


Matthias at Google

Check out Matthias Giraud in conversation with Super Size Me star/director Morgan Spurlock at the recent Google Zeitgeist event. 



Happy 4th from everyone at team Cushe - including Matthias and his amazing America pants! Grilling, canned beverages from assorted coolers, and rooftop parties with friends make this one of our favorite holidays. 

We do need to talk about something serious for a moment though: What the hell is the deal with the snake "fireworks"? Those little black discs that, when ignited, will basically just make a debris pile. That's the best case scenario... assuming you could get them to light. Not a very awesome way to celebrate anything. Unless you just bought a shop vac. So anyway - if your job at the BBQ is to bring some fireworks, skip the snakes, and at least step up to some of those crazy-long sparklers. 

Have fun - love y'all! 


Great Ride, Gents!

This past week, the 5-hour Energy presented by Kenda Racing Team (long name, but sometimes it's nice to be official) competed in the Amgen Tour of California. Dubbed "America's greatest cycling race" by a lot of dudes with excellent fitness, the Amgen Tour challenges riders across 750 miles of scenic California roadways. Why are we telling you about this? 3 reasons:

1. Who doesn't enjoy scenic California roadways? Jerks, that's who.
2. The 5-hour / Kenda team is awesome.
3. They kick back in Cushe when they aren't racing.

Anyway - the guys had a great showing at this year's Tour. The team placed 4th overall, posting a time just 00:13:24 off the lead team. Francisco Mancebo put forth a fantastic individual ride as well, finishing 7th overall, and just 00:04:52 off the lead.

Hats off, fellas; now go relax for a few days!

© Brian Black Hodes of VeloImages


Not a Bad View for Mitch

During his exploration of the UK coastline for undiscovered and unsurfed territory, Mitch Corbett finds some mighty fine views. This is what Cushe Time is all about. A time to reflect, savor a moment, and put a smile on your face thinking about the next one.


Golf vs Disc Golf

Eric McCabe has skills in both golf (or, ball golf, if you will) and disc golf. See if you can spot the very subtle Cushe shout out. Watch closely though...


Say Hey to Sophie Hellyer

We caught up with team Cushe surfer Sophie Hellyer, fresh off her 1st place finish at the Croyde leg of the Student Surf Tour in the UK. Her third 1st place finish in a row on the tour. We’re not always the best at maths, but if you carry the one, that ads up to awesome. One more good finish at Gwithian, and we’ll be talking about a champion here.

We did say Student Surf Tour, which means Sophie is rocking the waves while earning her degree in events management at the University of Plymouth. Seems like she’s managing events just fine already!

C: Tell us about how you were introduced to surfing. Was it through friends or family?
S: My older sisters and dad both surfed, so it was only natural for me to join in. Dad taught me when I was about 13, and I dreamed of being as good as my big sister!

C: What made you stick with it (surfing)?
S: I couldn’t NOT stick with it! It’s love… passion… it’s just about everything I need. It can be hard to endure sometimes in icy cold conditions when the waves suck, but I rarely have a surf that I regret getting wet!

C: What do you love about being on the water?
S: Just the way it can alter my mood. It can calm me down or excite me; make me relaxed or hyper!

C: Top three surf spots?
S: Soup Bowl, Barbados; Lakey Peak, Indonesia; Lynmouth, Devon UK.

C: OK, time for the lightning round:
Favorite movie / coast / condiment / casual adult beverage / domesticated animal / 80's song? Go.
S: Step Brothers, West, Wholegrain mustard, Wine, Dogs, Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

C: Interesting. We'll reveal your score later. What’s been the best place you’ve traveled so far?
S: Costa Rica with Cushe last year was epic! We did a nine hour road trip into the jungle in a four wheel drive, found some pumping empty waves, and stayed in a huge house right on the point.

C: Sounds pretty epic indeed! Would you live there, or is there somewhere else you’d like to call home for a bit?
S: Southwest France. Near home but better waves and climates!

C: Three things you want(ed) to be when you grow up?
S: Peter Pan, my big sister Laura, and happy!

C: Those are three great things! We always wanted to be excellent at segues. What’s rocking your iPod right now?
S: Naked and Famous

C: What big plans do you have this year… and or for dinner?
S: Graduate from uni (fingers crossed, got 10,000 words to write after this interview!), and travel, travel, travel.
Dinner, currently sat in front of an open fire in Scotland drinking a glass of red looking at the snow covered mountains and beautiful loch, and my sister is cooking us up a pasta Bolognese!


Matthias Jumps at Moab

Check out another awesome GoPro video featuring Matthias Giraud and his custom Cushe boots in his latest BASE jump near Moab. Always looking for the best angle with his Hero cams, Matthias has one attached to his left shoe in this jump - giving us that signature worms-eye view of the action.