Get Cushe for the holidays

It’s the first day in December.  We have all finally realized how absolutely unprepared we are for the gift-giving holidays coming up.  This time of year means much more than uncomfortable kisses from that elderly woman you’re pretty sure you are related to.  ‘Tis the season for snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights and of course, super rad footwear from yours truly.

Not only do we have some of the most comfortable and stylish winter kicks around, we’re stepping our game up and showing how much we love you guys with free shipping for the holidays.  Want to make sure your Cushes get to you in time?  No worries, we have it all mapped out here telling you when to order so you have time to throw some wrapping paper on the box before you make someone VERY happy.

But we’ve talked about it over here and realized we love you guys even more than free shipping.  How about some free and totally awesome Cushe stickers?  Yeah, we want you rocking your Cushe pride out there on the slopes AND at grandma's house.  All you have to do is shoot us your mailing address and we will pop an envelope in the mail with details on how you can win a free pair of Cushe shoes with each sticker.

Don’t mean to be getting all sentimental on you guys (and gals!)… but, what can we say except for: “We love you, man.”