The Best New Gear At OR

Outdoor Retailer is a big-normous trade show in Salt Lake City for gear fanatics who drool over outdoor equipment, and apres-sport kit. Naturally, we're there to show off the latest and greatest designs from our secret shoe lab, and since many of us on the Cushe team are sporty, we're digging for new gear ourselves. Though, we try not to drool. There is a LOT to take in. Thankfully, there are people like the good folks over at the GearJunkie who spend hours putting together lists of the best gear. Also thankfully, the good folks over at the GearJunkie have picked the upcoming Matthias WP as one of their favorite products from the show! 

Check out the whole list from the GearJunkie here.


The Cushe x Hoffman Collaboration

We don't often get super excited…

…which is a total lie, as we are typically super excited about something... but this is big.

We're really proud to announce that we are pairing up with the legendary Hoffman California Fabrics for an exclusive line in our spring / summer 2014 collection! In case you don't know, which, totally NBD since you have about a billion things to know in your world, Hoffman has been famously creating authentic Hawaiian and Balinese prints that have helped define beach culture since 1924. Awesome. Still going strong today; double up on the awesome.

In the 1950's, Walter and Philip, sons of founder Rube Hoffman, joined the company. This is pretty rad since both of these guys were champion surfers during the golden age of the SoCal scene, and basically invented the Cushe Life. So... what we're trying to say is, Hoffman is pretty damn legit, and we're stoked and honored to be working with them.

The team at Hoffman creates nearly 800 beautifully unique patterns a year, and they are masters at capturing that Aloha spirit. This made our job tough, because we could only select a few from the current and archive designs made available to the Cushe design crew. We grabbed some amazing heritage screen prints, and some wildly unpredictable Bali Batiks that created the right vibe and compliment to our upcoming designs.

Check out an itty bitty sneak peek below, and stay tuned for more looks into the line. We've got a while to wait before we can get these designs in your hands, so we'll keep you properly hydrated with fresh knowledge right here, and over on the book of faces.


Custom Cushe Slippers

This past weekend we brought Detroit artist Chris Freitag to the Wolverine Company Store in downtown Grand Rapids, MI to add a little graffiti flavor to some of our Cushe Slippers. Chris was taking custom orders from customers as well – making their Cushe shoes even more unique.

Why did we do this? Well, aside from our love of paint and marker fumes (don’t judge), it was the opening weekend of ArtPrize in GR. Read more about this awesome celebration of public art here. Peep more about graffiti on our Slips below.


Inspiration for the Logo

Our designer Martin Dean is a pretty cool guy for obvious reasons.  Wanna know what inspired him to create our logo?

Read the full post about Martin and our logo over at twentysomethingdesign