The Summer's Best Flip-Flops

Of course, we've been saying this for years, but now Outside Online has included the Manuka Wrap in their list of Summer-Changing Flip Flops

Outside says the Wrap is best for minimalists - and walking in them is "as close to barefoot as you can get with shoes on."

Big thanks to the Outside crew for including little ol' us! 

Snag a pair for yourself here


Rock The Sock(less)

We're on the eve of summer - well, the technical eve anyway - and it's already been super summerific in terms of weather for a lot of you out there. In places with actual seasons, summer presents a whole load of opportunities to give your feet some much needed freedom from heavy socks and shoes. 

Canvas is the word, and sans sock is the look. 

If you are a Cushe Slipper fan, we have some good news that is about to make dropping the socks a bit easier on that front - the canvas Cushe Slipper is machine washable! More details on that coming soon.  

That's all well and good, but what if you want to wear something that isn't the Cushe Slipper and keep the sock less look? What if you are worried about rubbing in all the wrong places - or rubbing someone the wrong way with some serious foot funk? Worry not, there is a solution: The loafer sock. 

Some places call them 'no-show' socks as well, but keep an eye on the ankle rise. We've found that not all no-show sock options are equal. If you want to make sure nothing peeks out over your shoe, the better luck has been had with socks specifically made for loafers. 

These babies have been our secret summer weapons for a few years now. They are the best of both worlds and so many people are making them now, that you'll have a lot of options in choosing what you like best. A quick use of the Googles will reveal the true power of the internet: sock shopping. 

Also this cat in a sock


Inside the Shoe Lab

Ever wonder where we get that delightful scent of leather, canvas, and natural rubber blends? It's not the hottest new fragrance you can buy, but a musk one can only acquire from spending time in our shoe lab. Ok, ok, lab is a little bit of a reach since we don't actually construct our ultra comfortable designs in this room, but it sounds better than Shoe Hole. We do cook up product names, play around with potential styling, and drink oddly concocted smoothies in here though, so it's a lab of sorts.

We'll close our word holes now, so you can take a look at the pictures. Plenty of upcoming styles featured here, which shall remain nameless until it's time to talk about them. Go ahead and get your shoe lust on though, because everything you see here is coming out in 2013.


Cushe at Pitchfork Music Festival!

We are getting crazy-excited to hit Chicago in a few weeks (July 13-15) for the Pitchfork Music Festival! The three day event is not just a showcase of independent music’s finest bands and artists; it’s a collection of traditional artists, a record store, and a book store all in one place. An experience, one might say. That’s something the Cushe team can definitely get behind.

How, you may ask? Well, we’ll be there. So if you’re going to be there too, let’s hang out, high five over a few laughs, share some deep-dark secrets, become besties and pinkie-swear over something profound.

Aside from the Cushe tent being a place of good vibes, we’ll also be showing off some sandals with our buds at City Soles, keeping you hydrated with delicious Vita Coco, and hooking you up with some limited edition and completely awesome Cushe swag. We like to make sure you maintain bragging rights in your friend sphere. Fair warning: at least one member of team Cushe is a total Vita Coco fiend… you may have to enter Thunderdome to obtain any coconut water from this person.

The lineup is amazing, of course, with closing sets from Feist, Grimes, and Vampire Weekend – but it gets a lot deeper than that. We’ll be talking about some of the acts we’re excited to see over the next few weeks, and you can check out the full lineup right here.


Flip Flop Day Giveaway

National Flip Flop Day is coming up, and here at Cushe, we want to free your feet! On June 15th we’ll have three $100 gift codes up for grabs on Twitter. How do you get your hands on one? Two easy steps:
1.    Follow us at @CusheUS
2.    On June 15th, tweet the phrase ‘I want @CusheUS to #FreeMyFeet with $100 for National Flip Flop Day!’
3.    (optional) Rub your lucky charm

We’ll pick three lucky ducks at random to get $100 to spend at the store. That’s enough cheddar to cover any of our sandals – or even a few pair of our flip flops. Get your feet ready for freedom, and we’ll hear from you on the 15th!


National Flip Flop Day

Did you know that June 17th (that’s tomorrow) is National Flip Flop Day? Well now you do. NFFD is legit too… and not just because we love flip flops. It celebrates the coming of the Summer Solstice (which is June 21st this year) and raises awareness for Camp Sunshine, a year-round facility where kids with life-threatening illnesses can go have a little fun. Very cool.

Stand by, we’re about to drop some history on ya. 

The flip flop design takes its cues from the Japanese zori, which was popularized in the Western world when soldiers returned home from the Pacific post WWII. The modern flip flop was born in the 1950’s in New Zealand, or in the 1940’s in Hong Kong; depending on whose side of the story you are on. 

At Cushe, we’re not into taking sides on this. We just know flip flops are great warm weather kicks and ours have the fresh style you’d expect from any of our designs. So wear your flip flops proudly on June 17th and party with us on Twitter for a chance to win one of 5 pairs of Cushe flip flops that are up for grabs!  As always, share your flip flop love with us on Facebook

We said flip flop like 2 billion times in that last bit... and we're not sorry for it.



Spring Fling

Most of the country got a taste of something last week and like anything that tastes great, we want more.  If some is good, more is better right?  We're talkin’ about spring weather here!

The first time it hits 60 outside, we lose our jackets and get a magical t-shirt tolerance that on the other side of summer, we don’t have.  60 degrees in late September feels down right arctic, but that same 60 degrees in March… and we’re living on the equator baby!  This of course begs the wardrobe question we care about most; what shoes do you wear?

Footwear decisions aside, the first hint of great weather demands you get out and enjoy it.  Which we hope you did, because now it’s like 30 degrees again in the Midwest.  Bummer.

Spring may have technically started, but the matching weather is still on the horizon.  Like any good little camper, it’s good to always be prepared - which is why we’ve started unpacking our flip flops.  Here at Cushe, we know anticipation is part of the fun anyway.  So stay strong, Midwestern friends; and don’t forget that when life gives you bad weather, travel!