3 Things to do With Your Shipping Savings

So you saved some cash with our free shipping. Not only are you smart (and good looking), but you are either incredibly generous because you are giving the gift of Cushe, or you are about to add a(nother) pair of Cushes to your personal footwear arsenal. This is just one of the many reasons we like you.

However, there is a problem... What to do with that extra cash from the shipping you didn’t just pay for. Here are three things we might do if we had a little foldin’ money in our pockets.

Buy socks. Now, we know this is traditionally a holiday gift you have to grin and bare, but hear us out. Many of our shoes look extra awesome when worn sock free. That isn’t always an option for all of us – so when the sitch calls for socks, we like to still look like we’re without. The tropical Republic of Banana has some great no-show socks that aren’t see-through thin.

See a show. Unless you were shipping somewhere exotic, we’re not talking about an arena band. Go to your local venue and see a rising act. Aside from being a great way to discover some new music, it’ll give you that indie cred of being able to say “I saw them when…”. This past year we’ve been lucky enough to see some great performances from Little Hurricane, GRiZ, Say Anything, and Japandroids; all in small venues for less than 15 smackers.

Pick up a macro lens for your phone. The best camera is the one you always have with you, and for most of us, that means our mobile phone. Photojojo has some unique photographer gifts and gadgets in general, but this Macro Cell Lens Band is amazing looking. Plus you can just wear it when it’s not in use. Bonus.

If you haven’t taken advantage of our free shipping yet, you still have a few days! Get at it!


Flip Flop Day Giveaway

National Flip Flop Day is coming up, and here at Cushe, we want to free your feet! On June 15th we’ll have three $100 gift codes up for grabs on Twitter. How do you get your hands on one? Two easy steps:
1.    Follow us at @CusheUS
2.    On June 15th, tweet the phrase ‘I want @CusheUS to #FreeMyFeet with $100 for National Flip Flop Day!’
3.    (optional) Rub your lucky charm

We’ll pick three lucky ducks at random to get $100 to spend at the Cushe.com store. That’s enough cheddar to cover any of our sandals – or even a few pair of our flip flops. Get your feet ready for freedom, and we’ll hear from you on the 15th!


Sneak Peak & Free Shipping!

Earlier this week we had a little preview event at Cushe HQ – and our friends over at mLive came out to get the scoop. That’s still reporter-talk… right? Anyway, not only did they deliver the news on how awesome our shoes are doing (thanks to you, the badass fan base we have), they posted some photos of our upcoming product.

So click through, and enjoy a little preview of some of the things we’ve got coming for ya feets right here!

We’re also celebrating successfully NOT confusing Memorial and Labor Day this year by offering some hot, sweaty, free ground shipping action from our store. Just enter the code SUMMERSTYLE12 at checkout starting right now and all the way through Tuesday, May 29th. Do it. We won’t tell… unless you want us to?

That got a little weird, but we’re not sorry.

Have a great holiday weekend!

<3 Cushe


Cushe Stocking Giveaway

At Cushe, we are all about the holiday spirit. It's a great time for great times.

Last week we put together a very Cushe gift guide and it got us to thinkin'... We should hook up some of our favorite people in the world - our fans and followers - with a start on that list. Namely the Cushe shoes part.

So we put together five stockings stuffed full of goodies including a bunch of Cushe swag and a coupon for $100 to spend at our online store. That’s right - 100 buckeroos to go toward any pair of Cushe kicks you want!

Entering is super easy and there are a few ways to do it.

Post on our Facebook Page:
“All I want for Christmas are my Cushes.”

Or follow us on Twitter and tweet:
“All I want for Christmas are my #cushes. @CusheUS”

It really is that simple. Winners to be announced Monday December 19th,2011.

One thing: though we love all y'all, this is a Cushe US contest, so you gotta be in the US to win. It doesn't change how we feel about everyone else, but rules is rules:)

Get at it!



Twitter Giveaway

Want to win a pair of Cushes? Well we want to hook you up with a pair to strut the rest of this summer out in style.

This is a Twitter contest and is super simple to enter. All you have to do is follow uson Twitter, and Tweet the following message:

“Want to win a free pair of Cushes? Follow @CusheUS & RT to be entered to win. #cusheus Winner announced 8/31.”

The winner will be announced on 8/31/2011. Good luck everyone!

U.S. residents only.


National Flip Flop Day

Did you know that June 17th (that’s tomorrow) is National Flip Flop Day? Well now you do. NFFD is legit too… and not just because we love flip flops. It celebrates the coming of the Summer Solstice (which is June 21st this year) and raises awareness for Camp Sunshine, a year-round facility where kids with life-threatening illnesses can go have a little fun. Very cool.

Stand by, we’re about to drop some history on ya. 

The flip flop design takes its cues from the Japanese zori, which was popularized in the Western world when soldiers returned home from the Pacific post WWII. The modern flip flop was born in the 1950’s in New Zealand, or in the 1940’s in Hong Kong; depending on whose side of the story you are on. 

At Cushe, we’re not into taking sides on this. We just know flip flops are great warm weather kicks and ours have the fresh style you’d expect from any of our designs. So wear your flip flops proudly on June 17th and party with us on Twitter for a chance to win one of 5 pairs of Cushe flip flops that are up for grabs!  As always, share your flip flop love with us on Facebook

We said flip flop like 2 billion times in that last bit... and we're not sorry for it.



Get Cushe for the holidays

It’s the first day in December.  We have all finally realized how absolutely unprepared we are for the gift-giving holidays coming up.  This time of year means much more than uncomfortable kisses from that elderly woman you’re pretty sure you are related to.  ‘Tis the season for snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights and of course, super rad footwear from yours truly.

Not only do we have some of the most comfortable and stylish winter kicks around, we’re stepping our game up and showing how much we love you guys with free shipping for the holidays.  Want to make sure your Cushes get to you in time?  No worries, we have it all mapped out here telling you when to order so you have time to throw some wrapping paper on the box before you make someone VERY happy.

But we’ve talked about it over here and realized we love you guys even more than free shipping.  How about some free and totally awesome Cushe stickers?  Yeah, we want you rocking your Cushe pride out there on the slopes AND at grandma's house.  All you have to do is shoot us your mailing address and we will pop an envelope in the mail with details on how you can win a free pair of Cushe shoes with each sticker.

Don’t mean to be getting all sentimental on you guys (and gals!)… but, what can we say except for: “We love you, man.”