Banff is Awesome

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is awesome for a number of obvious reasons. Days upon days of action sports and lifestyle films, books, and presentations by some of the coolest people in the world... well that's just our jam. You know what else is our jam? The stuff in this swag bag.

Kick ass coffee and a "HUBBA HUBBA" trucker. Score. Also - this map contains the best street names of ALL TIME. Next year, we'll take our meetings at the intersection of Bear, Lynx, and Caribou streets. 


Cushe at Pitchfork Music Festival!

We are getting crazy-excited to hit Chicago in a few weeks (July 13-15) for the Pitchfork Music Festival! The three day event is not just a showcase of independent music’s finest bands and artists; it’s a collection of traditional artists, a record store, and a book store all in one place. An experience, one might say. That’s something the Cushe team can definitely get behind.

How, you may ask? Well, we’ll be there. So if you’re going to be there too, let’s hang out, high five over a few laughs, share some deep-dark secrets, become besties and pinkie-swear over something profound.

Aside from the Cushe tent being a place of good vibes, we’ll also be showing off some sandals with our buds at City Soles, keeping you hydrated with delicious Vita Coco, and hooking you up with some limited edition and completely awesome Cushe swag. We like to make sure you maintain bragging rights in your friend sphere. Fair warning: at least one member of team Cushe is a total Vita Coco fiend… you may have to enter Thunderdome to obtain any coconut water from this person.

The lineup is amazing, of course, with closing sets from Feist, Grimes, and Vampire Weekend – but it gets a lot deeper than that. We’ll be talking about some of the acts we’re excited to see over the next few weeks, and you can check out the full lineup right here.


Cushe Stocking Giveaway

At Cushe, we are all about the holiday spirit. It's a great time for great times.

Last week we put together a very Cushe gift guide and it got us to thinkin'... We should hook up some of our favorite people in the world - our fans and followers - with a start on that list. Namely the Cushe shoes part.

So we put together five stockings stuffed full of goodies including a bunch of Cushe swag and a coupon for $100 to spend at our online store. That’s right - 100 buckeroos to go toward any pair of Cushe kicks you want!

Entering is super easy and there are a few ways to do it.

Post on our Facebook Page:
“All I want for Christmas are my Cushes.”

Or follow us on Twitter and tweet:
“All I want for Christmas are my #cushes. @CusheUS”

It really is that simple. Winners to be announced Monday December 19th,2011.

One thing: though we love all y'all, this is a Cushe US contest, so you gotta be in the US to win. It doesn't change how we feel about everyone else, but rules is rules:)

Get at it!



A Very Cushe Holiday Gift Guide

While the holiday season claims you should be having dreams of sugar plums, we think that’s slightly outdated, and we have no idea what the hell a sugar plum is anyway. So we put together a short list of items that would compliment a Cushe Life – whether it is an urban or rural adventure you seek. If you don’t know what to ask for this holiday, anything on this list would be a great place to start…

1. Osprey Stratos 24 Pack
You need something to hold the stuff on the rest of your list, right? Osprey bags are rugged, lightweight, and feature plenty of pockets for a good volume to organization level. Not a lot of us will have use for a single ice axe attachment, but we have faith you’ll be creative in its use. ($99.00)

2. Merrell Mid-Layers
Super comfortable for anything from work outs to coffee runs as well as ideal for layering when the weather gets all weird on you. We dig the Tazlina Hoody for the ladies and the Cairn Hoody for dudes. ($89.00 - $99.00)

3. Aqua Vessel Ultra Lite Tritan Filtration Bottle
With the amount of water we’re all supposed to drink, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle by your side. This model from Eco Vessel has a plant based filtration system attached to the straw top… which means every sip of water gets cleaned on its way to your mouth. We can’t help you clean what comes out of your mouth, but we can help clean what’s going in. ($24.95)

4. Diana F+ Camera
We think one of the most important things in living a Cushe Life is making memories by doing what you love. It’s always a good idea to have a camera nearby to document the times and the people of your life. Digital is easy, but film in a plastic 1960’s designed camera has flavor. Embrace the variety of results caused by this perfectly imperfect beauty that inspired apps like Instagram. ($89.00)

5. Klipsch Image S5i Headphones
Your Cushe Life has to have a soundtrack, and these are great in-ear headphones to plug into your favorite iDevice and enjoy. Klipsch makes a great sounding product and the durability of the S5i’s is an added bonus. A great upgrade over the stock headphones that come with any music device. ($129.99)

6. Sun Bum SPF 30+ Sunscreen
Hey, there is a reason we support the Slater Brother’s Invitational and the World Skin Cancer Foundation each year. Protect your skin with this oil-free, Paraben-free, Vitamin E enriched sunscreen. And thank the sweet monkey logo for helping protect your hide. ($14.99)

7. The Cushe Shoes You Don’t Have
Wait, what? You need new pair of Cushes? How could we forget! This list wouldn’t be complete without your new favorite shoes. While we love all of our styles equally, we recommend the Surf Slipper Chuka for guys and the Wildtrip WP for gals. Both are Cushe takes on classic styles. ($90.00 - $160.00)

What’s in your Cushe Life holiday pack this year? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter – as always, we love to hear from ya!


Twitter Giveaway

Want to win a pair of Cushes? Well we want to hook you up with a pair to strut the rest of this summer out in style.

This is a Twitter contest and is super simple to enter. All you have to do is follow uson Twitter, and Tweet the following message:

“Want to win a free pair of Cushes? Follow @CusheUS & RT to be entered to win. #cusheus Winner announced 8/31.”

The winner will be announced on 8/31/2011. Good luck everyone!

U.S. residents only.


Beat the Heat

Hopefully you are finding a way to stay cool during the summer heat this year. It’s definitely been on the warmer side to say the least so far. While heading to the nearest large body of water is always our number one choice here at Cushe, not everyone has that luxury – or even the time. 

So we got to thinkin’, if we were landlocked, how would we cool out? Getting in front of the AC unit doesn’t count, that might keep you cool, but the entertainment factor is just above filling out tax forms. We have to have a little fun, so here are a few of our favorite things when it comes to summer fun.

The Slip N’ Slide. A total classic and occasionally dangerous depending on the surface underneath the thin vinyl slide. Getting a good sprint going before launching yourself down the yellow runway was always a point of pride. Bonus points if you have access to Crocodile Mile. It was basically Slip N’ Slide, but green.

Water guns. For most people, water guns were the first arms race of our lives. Once the first person on the block got a Super Soaker, you needed one, only bigger so as to deter the others from attacking you. I know what you are saying – running around and having a squirt gun fight with my adult friends is just going to make me hot. And that is exactly why you fill the water guns with ice water. Duh.

Water balloons. First off, no, these do not belong with water guns. A balloon fight is its own animal and it usually breaks out with someone catching an unexpected water balloon to the back. Once the first balloon is thrown, you must know that this battle won’t end until everyone is soaked. Or someone gets the hose out and puts the nozzle on Jet. This is a good thing though, since the point is to cool down. Take it like a champ… and retaliate.

The kiddie pool. This isn’t the same low rent action you might remember from back in the day. You can get some sweet digs that will fit you and a few friends.  This is actually a two part-er, because it’s absolutely essential that you pair this with a cooler filled with beverages. Kind of an unwritten rule though for dudes – no Speedos in the little pools.

There are plenty more options and many probably don’t involve water… though we can’t really see the point of that. Got a favorite way to enjoy the summer heat? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter.


National Flip Flop Day

Did you know that June 17th (that’s tomorrow) is National Flip Flop Day? Well now you do. NFFD is legit too… and not just because we love flip flops. It celebrates the coming of the Summer Solstice (which is June 21st this year) and raises awareness for Camp Sunshine, a year-round facility where kids with life-threatening illnesses can go have a little fun. Very cool.

Stand by, we’re about to drop some history on ya. 

The flip flop design takes its cues from the Japanese zori, which was popularized in the Western world when soldiers returned home from the Pacific post WWII. The modern flip flop was born in the 1950’s in New Zealand, or in the 1940’s in Hong Kong; depending on whose side of the story you are on. 

At Cushe, we’re not into taking sides on this. We just know flip flops are great warm weather kicks and ours have the fresh style you’d expect from any of our designs. So wear your flip flops proudly on June 17th and party with us on Twitter for a chance to win one of 5 pairs of Cushe flip flops that are up for grabs!  As always, share your flip flop love with us on Facebook

We said flip flop like 2 billion times in that last bit... and we're not sorry for it.



Spring Fling

Most of the country got a taste of something last week and like anything that tastes great, we want more.  If some is good, more is better right?  We're talkin’ about spring weather here!

The first time it hits 60 outside, we lose our jackets and get a magical t-shirt tolerance that on the other side of summer, we don’t have.  60 degrees in late September feels down right arctic, but that same 60 degrees in March… and we’re living on the equator baby!  This of course begs the wardrobe question we care about most; what shoes do you wear?

Footwear decisions aside, the first hint of great weather demands you get out and enjoy it.  Which we hope you did, because now it’s like 30 degrees again in the Midwest.  Bummer.

Spring may have technically started, but the matching weather is still on the horizon.  Like any good little camper, it’s good to always be prepared - which is why we’ve started unpacking our flip flops.  Here at Cushe, we know anticipation is part of the fun anyway.  So stay strong, Midwestern friends; and don’t forget that when life gives you bad weather, travel!