Super Selfies with Super Frenchie

Important note: It's pretty critical that you do not try this at home, or frankly anywhere, unless you are a trained pro like Matthias. Though, you wouldn't be able to try this at home unless you lived on a mountaintop, so probably not applicable to most people. 

Awesome note: In the age of the selfie, these are epic! 


Matthias vs. China

The 1200 foot high Balinghe Bridge in the Guizhou Province of China? No match for the Super Frenchie. 


Autumn / Winter 2014 Preview

We just had our AW14 (that's shop talk for Autumn Winter 2014) Cushe crew gathering, where we all bounce around and get excited about next year's designs. As you can imagine, we do things a little differently. First, our models were our ambassadors Sophie, Mitch, and Matthias. Second, our drinking pals for the weekend were also Sophie, Mitch, and Matthias. Third.... what? 

Anyway, we grabbed a few photos from the upcoming line to share with y'all! Enjoy! 


Matthias at Google

Check out Matthias Giraud in conversation with Super Size Me star/director Morgan Spurlock at the recent Google Zeitgeist event. 



Happy 4th from everyone at team Cushe - including Matthias and his amazing America pants! Grilling, canned beverages from assorted coolers, and rooftop parties with friends make this one of our favorite holidays. 

We do need to talk about something serious for a moment though: What the hell is the deal with the snake "fireworks"? Those little black discs that, when ignited, will basically just make a debris pile. That's the best case scenario... assuming you could get them to light. Not a very awesome way to celebrate anything. Unless you just bought a shop vac. So anyway - if your job at the BBQ is to bring some fireworks, skip the snakes, and at least step up to some of those crazy-long sparklers. 

Have fun - love y'all! 


Matthias Jumps at Moab

Check out another awesome GoPro video featuring Matthias Giraud and his custom Cushe boots in his latest BASE jump near Moab. Always looking for the best angle with his Hero cams, Matthias has one attached to his left shoe in this jump - giving us that signature worms-eye view of the action.



Latest GoPro Video feat. Matthias

As one commenter said: "I want his life. Now." We agree. Matthias is a bad mofo, and so is this video featuring the Super Frenchie doing what he does best. Jumping from really tall stuff and living the Cushe Life.



Custom Cushe Boots

When we started hanging out with Matthias Giraud at the beginning of this year, we thought to ourselves - this guy needs a custom Cushe... and another beer. We set out to design something that was both functional as a base boot, and reflected Matthias' personality (which is a secret blend of crazy, awesome, crazy-awesome, and proprietary spice).

We give you this one of a kind creation, perfect for the Super Frenchie himself. Check it out in action. You can't miss it.


Enter the Super Frenchie

Life adventurer extraordinaire Matthias Giraud, AKA Super Frenchie, is joining the Cushe team this year. We have two things to say about this:

1. Awesome. We love this guy and his attitude toward life. In so many ways, he IS Cushe.
2. We wish we could claim that we came up with the name Super Frenchie.

We're looking forward to seeing what Matthias has in store for us this year - in the meantime, check out the video below to see what he got up to in 2011.