Cushe goes mobile!

Got a fancy intewebs enabled phone?  I’m kidding, this isn’t 2004; of COURSE you have a browser on your phone.  We’re happy to say that is now available wherever you are.  Which is hopefully somewhere warm, ‘cause in some parts, it’s getting cold.  But there are places, magical places, that stay warm all year.  Places where you can kick it in flip flops everyday, where the surf is always ready and where the drinks are always cold...

I’m sorry, what was I talking about?  I was having visions of a 80+ degree day on the beach.  Oh yeah, our mobile site!

If you find your way to on your phone’s browser, you can check out our latest kick-ass shoes, find a Cushe dealer near you and check out reviews while you shop.  Why?  Because we care and you're on the move.  Also, because our web crew needs stuff to do.  Alright, I’m going to go back to those warm weather day dreams now.