Welcome, Sierra!

It’s easy to like Sierra Quitiquit. Heck, it’s easy to LOVE Sierra Quitiquit. Not in a superficial sense, but for who she is, and what she’s all about. At Cushe, we’re always on the lookout for people who have a real passion for what they do – and the guts to chase that passion so far that it becomes a part of who they are. This is why we’re happy to announce Sierra as a new ambassador, and member of team Cushe!

How did she get here? We'll let her explain… 

“I grew up in Park City, Utah, back when it was just a sleepy little ski town. My Dad had my three brothers and I on skis before we blew out the candles on the cakes for our second birthdays. Skiing was always the most important thing in our lives. I started competitive ski racing when I was about six or seven years old. I loved skiing fast, beating the boys and having as much fun as possible. It became my mantra for life. Those years taught me to be an aggressive athlete, while maintaining a deep appreciation for the amazing world surrounding me.

Now, traveling the world and skiing big lines on the most challenging mountains for a living is truly a dream come true. When I'm not on the slopes or modeling, I try to spend my time as a professional fun-seeker! Riding bikes, surfing, yoga, running, cooking, and traveling are my favorite things in the whole world. I hope to inspire young girls to realize their beauty not just through athletic achievement, but kindness, consciousness, and the pursuit of happiness.


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Enter the Super Frenchie

Life adventurer extraordinaire Matthias Giraud, AKA Super Frenchie, is joining the Cushe team this year. We have two things to say about this:

1. Awesome. We love this guy and his attitude toward life. In so many ways, he IS Cushe.
2. We wish we could claim that we came up with the name Super Frenchie.

We're looking forward to seeing what Matthias has in store for us this year - in the meantime, check out the video below to see what he got up to in 2011.



Downtown Throwdown Recap

February 19th was a cold and windy day in Traverse City, Michigan; but it didn’t stop us from rocking out with all of the amazing skiers, snowboarders, the Epic Happens Crew and Danny Kass and the Dingo at TC’s first ever Downtown Throwdown Railjam! Despite the cold, the athletes were pulling some hotness by drop ping in from either the 25’ or 32’ platforms.

We were on site showing off some of next year’s Cushe designs, passing out some stickers and hats and cheering o n our fellow brave winter weather challengers. Check out the video to take in some of the awesome runs put down at the event. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep posted on our upcoming adventures.

Did we see you there?



Cushe at the Downtown Throwdown

Traverse City Michigan is normally known as the cherry capital of the universe.  Well, maybe not the universe, but they have a lot of cherries and cherry related things – including a Cherry Festival.  On February 19th however, Traverse City is going to be the capital of awesome when the Downtown Throwdown happens during the Winter Wow Fest.

We’ll be hanging out in downtown TC (that's Traverse City for you non-locals) all day at the event, checking out the competitors from pee-wee to pro busting out their best tricks on two sticks… or one snowboard.  I couldn’t think of a clever rhyme for the snowboard part.  Two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass will be there to help judge the best young talent and maybe throw down himself.  You never know.

If you are in the area or plan on attending, definitely stop and see us at the Cushe tent!  We’ll be showing off some of our latest designs and probably giving some stuff away because, after all, we like you.  Like… LIKE-like you.