NAWIA, Round 2

Our intrepid Surf Samurai, Mitch Corbett, reminds us yet again that Not All Wandering Is Aimless. Beautiful views, barrels, and the little moments in life. 


The Birth of Surf Fashion

Meet the Hoffman collection, the birth of surf fashion, and the inspiration for the Cushe Life. 


Not a Bad View for Mitch

During his exploration of the UK coastline for undiscovered and unsurfed territory, Mitch Corbett finds some mighty fine views. This is what Cushe Time is all about. A time to reflect, savor a moment, and put a smile on your face thinking about the next one.


Say Hey to Sophie Hellyer

We caught up with team Cushe surfer Sophie Hellyer, fresh off her 1st place finish at the Croyde leg of the Student Surf Tour in the UK. Her third 1st place finish in a row on the tour. We’re not always the best at maths, but if you carry the one, that ads up to awesome. One more good finish at Gwithian, and we’ll be talking about a champion here.

We did say Student Surf Tour, which means Sophie is rocking the waves while earning her degree in events management at the University of Plymouth. Seems like she’s managing events just fine already!

C: Tell us about how you were introduced to surfing. Was it through friends or family?
S: My older sisters and dad both surfed, so it was only natural for me to join in. Dad taught me when I was about 13, and I dreamed of being as good as my big sister!

C: What made you stick with it (surfing)?
S: I couldn’t NOT stick with it! It’s love… passion… it’s just about everything I need. It can be hard to endure sometimes in icy cold conditions when the waves suck, but I rarely have a surf that I regret getting wet!

C: What do you love about being on the water?
S: Just the way it can alter my mood. It can calm me down or excite me; make me relaxed or hyper!

C: Top three surf spots?
S: Soup Bowl, Barbados; Lakey Peak, Indonesia; Lynmouth, Devon UK.

C: OK, time for the lightning round:
Favorite movie / coast / condiment / casual adult beverage / domesticated animal / 80's song? Go.
S: Step Brothers, West, Wholegrain mustard, Wine, Dogs, Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

C: Interesting. We'll reveal your score later. What’s been the best place you’ve traveled so far?
S: Costa Rica with Cushe last year was epic! We did a nine hour road trip into the jungle in a four wheel drive, found some pumping empty waves, and stayed in a huge house right on the point.

C: Sounds pretty epic indeed! Would you live there, or is there somewhere else you’d like to call home for a bit?
S: Southwest France. Near home but better waves and climates!

C: Three things you want(ed) to be when you grow up?
S: Peter Pan, my big sister Laura, and happy!

C: Those are three great things! We always wanted to be excellent at segues. What’s rocking your iPod right now?
S: Naked and Famous

C: What big plans do you have this year… and or for dinner?
S: Graduate from uni (fingers crossed, got 10,000 words to write after this interview!), and travel, travel, travel.
Dinner, currently sat in front of an open fire in Scotland drinking a glass of red looking at the snow covered mountains and beautiful loch, and my sister is cooking us up a pasta Bolognese!


The Art of Shred

Take a timeout today and set your peepers on this beautiful profile of Justin Bruursema, creator of Burly Surfboards. Justin / Burly are based not far from Cushe HQ in Western Michigan, so not only is he a local for us, but he also shapes boards and a surf scene in Michigan. That's right - there are surfers on the Great Lakes. Doing what you love and creating a culture in an unlikely place... that pretty much defines the Cushe Life.

The Art of Shred - Justin Bruursema / Burly Surfboards from Antix Media on Vimeo.



The Latest from Natty Perez

We love getting emails from Natty Perez. Not only is she an all around awesome girl who is part of the Cushe crew, Natty is a super hard worker. Since being sidelined with an injury for a solid month, she’s been back at it for the last 3 weeks with a tough schedule of 2 hours in the gym, and three hours on the surf. Every. Damn. Day.

Hard work pays off though. Natty finished the season as the #2 ranked woman surfer in PR, and she’s qualified to try out for the women’s world surfing team for 2013. Datswotsup.

She’s even featured in Mundo Rad! Magazine – check it out (Spanish skills required)

Did we mention she also sends us awesome photos like the one below? ‘Cause she does. And we like it.


Mitch Graces the Pages of Transworld Surf!

That’s right, Cushe surfer Mitch Corbett will be in the June issue of Transworld! We’re stoked to see Mitch featured in full gloss on the pages of one of the best surf mags in the world! Look for Mitch to continue surfing big waves in the rest of what has already been an awesome 2011.

In other news to file under badass, Mitch has been invited to Tasmania to surf with legend Michael Brennan at his local spot, Shipstern Bluff (<--LOVE how pirate that place sounds). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is basically like Dave Grohl inviting you to come over and jam… which we’re totally open to. So Dave, anytime you are ready to rock, call us. We’ll be waiting by the phone, holding our breath.

By the way, the June issue of Transworld features a lot of travel info for your surf trip planning pleasure; which we always recommend. Check out the cover: 



Mitch Corbett wastes no time in 2011

Let's not get in to what the rest of us on team Cushe did New Years morning... but our boy Mitch Corbett hit 8ft barrels in Ireland.  Peep the video below!



Katin Pro-Am Day One

The opening day of the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge is in the bag and with 15 points, 2009 champs team Hurley are in the lead.  I can’t imagine they're too comfortable though, since both teams Dragon and Buell Wetsuits are right behind Hurley with 13 points each.  To make day two even more awesome, five other teams are just behind them with 12 points each.  I think Saturday is gonna be a banger with the field this tight. 

Defending champ Chris Waring, who is second place team Dragon’s top performer, tore it up in rounds one and two by advancing through both heats. 

Tune in for Saturday’s action LIVE on the Katin website and see who comes out on top.