A Weekend in Portland

We love Portland. Not just because of the famed documentary series "Portlandia", but because we love bikes, coffee, boutiques, and beer. Wind and rain? Not huge fans, but it is a give and get world. Here is what made us smile in the City of Roses this weekend:

1. Beard Beer. Sounds gross, 'cause it kind of is... but if you can get past the fact that the yeast used in this batch was grown from yeast found in the brewer's beard, it's a damn fine pint. Check it our at Rogue Brewing. 

2. Table sharing. In smaller restaurants, limited seating can mean LONG wait times. A few spots we encountered this weekend sat small parties with each other, which ends up getting you seated faster, and it introduces you to new people. More places should get down with this. 

3. Monkeys. The Oregon Zoo is just west of downtown Portland, and it's awesome. Not far from the zoo, and in the same gigantic park system, you can take a spin through the Japanese Gardens and reflect upon the monkeys you just saw. 



Fall is fast approaching, friends. We love the thought of the endless summer at Cushe HQ, but we also love boots, cool nights for beach bonfires, and a solid flannel - which means we're good with fall. In fact, we dig it. Bigtime. 

You know what else we dig? Pumpkin stuff. Not ALL pumpkin stuff, mind you - because Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles exists... and no one should get on board with that. Here are three things we love pumpkin'd up. 

1. Pie. Duh. You knew this was coming, but seriously, do you know someone who doesn't like pumpkin pie? No, you don't. Because you unfriended them long ago. 

2. Donuts, or doughnuts if you're fancy. Pumpkin spice donuts are pretty much keeping the donut industry alive. That's kind of a strong statement, but no one around the office knew anything about the donut industry.

3. Beer. GLORIOUS BEER! Pumpkin beer comes in many varieties. Some good, some not so good, but many worthy of a taste. Every year, more and more micro and macro brewers are releasing pumpkin inspired beers. If you live in a hardcore beer state like California, Oregon, Colorado, or Michigan - the choices can be overwhelming. This is why we've basically bookmarked Beer Advocate's top 50 list... and taken a lot of personal days. 


Bonus: for even more insane detail and nerdy pumpkin beer analysis, we found The Great Pumpkin Beer Review - a blog dedicated to the fall brew. 

We're off to do more research. 

Later gators.