Amazing Pitchfork Performer

We're excited to see everyone at Pitchfork in just a few days, but this guy is just blowing our collective minds right now. Check out this video featuring AraabMuzik. Insane. Green Stage, 6:15 on Sunday. Maybe we'll see a Danny Brown cameo since the two of them just teamed up for the single "Molly Ringwald"?

If you have attention span problems, skip to 2:18.



Pitchfork Bands to Watch

Pitchfork is just about a week away, and we've been listening to a LOT of music in preparation. Actually, we listen to a lot of music every week, so there really wasn't too much of a difference from the last few weeks to pretty much every week at Cushe HQ. Moving on.

We picked three videos from bands in the Pitchfork lineup that we are really looking forward to seeing: Japandroids, Hot Chip, and Beach House. Japandroids recently released their second full length album called Celebration Rock, and it is, in a word, awesome. Hot Chip is a go-to fun as hell band, and Beach House has the kind of laid back vibe you might expect to hear when you slip on your favorite pair of Cushes. Give 'em a listen and enjoy. Those reports can wait... we promise not to tell on you.

PROTIP: Do not rage at your desk in preparation for a music festival. It's a dead giveaway to the boss that you could probably be more productive.


Bonobo on NPR!

Our boy Bonobo just wrapped up his North American tour, which featured stops in Chicago, Toronto, Philly, San Fran and even Lawrence Kansas of all places.  Just kidding, we love ya Lawrence Kansas!  Seriously, 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence is AWESOME.

While Bonobo was on our side of the pond, he was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered.  Check out the interview to discover the creative inspiration and process for crafting his clutch tunes.  While you are in the checking-out mood, head on over to and grab a free mp3 - the Warrior One Remix of ‘Eyesdown’.

Hopefully you were lucky enough to catch a DJ set by Bonobo, or even one of his shows with a full band.  When I say full band, I mean George Clinton would be proud of the number of people on stage.  There is an amazing live performance video too after the jump – so give it a watch and get ya head bobbin’!