Banff is Awesome

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is awesome for a number of obvious reasons. Days upon days of action sports and lifestyle films, books, and presentations by some of the coolest people in the world... well that's just our jam. You know what else is our jam? The stuff in this swag bag.

Kick ass coffee and a "HUBBA HUBBA" trucker. Score. Also - this map contains the best street names of ALL TIME. Next year, we'll take our meetings at the intersection of Bear, Lynx, and Caribou streets. 


Great Ride, Gents!

This past week, the 5-hour Energy presented by Kenda Racing Team (long name, but sometimes it's nice to be official) competed in the Amgen Tour of California. Dubbed "America's greatest cycling race" by a lot of dudes with excellent fitness, the Amgen Tour challenges riders across 750 miles of scenic California roadways. Why are we telling you about this? 3 reasons:

1. Who doesn't enjoy scenic California roadways? Jerks, that's who.
2. The 5-hour / Kenda team is awesome.
3. They kick back in Cushe when they aren't racing.

Anyway - the guys had a great showing at this year's Tour. The team placed 4th overall, posting a time just 00:13:24 off the lead team. Francisco Mancebo put forth a fantastic individual ride as well, finishing 7th overall, and just 00:04:52 off the lead.

Hats off, fellas; now go relax for a few days!

© Brian Black Hodes of VeloImages


Barry -Roubaix Race

We'll be sponsoring and hanging out at the Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race on Saturday, March 23rd. Which contains roads, some gravel, a lot of racing, and a few killers. Maybe. For sure it'll be fun, of course because we'll be there, but also because 4000 other people will too. They'll be riding and cheering on fellow competitors in the small town of Hastings, Michigan. There will also be beer, which, according to science, has been linked to fun. Those 4000 people can stop by our booth for a smile, potentially a hi-five (potentially = definitely), and maybe a bit of swag. But not in the middle of the race if they care about posting a good time.

Check out a photo from last year. More importantly, check out that dude in the center wearing orange. Whatchu lookin' at, fella? Orange guy - if you are reading this, please stop by our booth and offer up an explaination. We're very understanding. 


Custom Cushe Slippers

This past weekend we brought Detroit artist Chris Freitag to the Wolverine Company Store in downtown Grand Rapids, MI to add a little graffiti flavor to some of our Cushe Slippers. Chris was taking custom orders from customers as well – making their Cushe shoes even more unique.

Why did we do this? Well, aside from our love of paint and marker fumes (don’t judge), it was the opening weekend of ArtPrize in GR. Read more about this awesome celebration of public art here. Peep more about graffiti on our Slips below.


Pitchfork Day Three Recap

Well kiddos… we've packed our bags, passed out all of our Cushe sunglasses, and emptied our cooler of VitaCoco. Yes, the sun has set on the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival. We've made so many great new friends this weekend, and finally connected with some old ones face to face.

We're in a glass case of emotion right now!

Looking back on the third and final day, we must say that The Men did some WORK on the Balance Stage. Fantastic live performance. Definitely check them out if you have the chance and love good rock and roll.

AraabMuzik did his thing on the MPC's and had an entire sea of music fans jumping. We snagged a couple of pictures during his performance, but they don't do him justice. The crowd might give you a better idea of how his set was.

To close it all out, we were treated to a great show from Vampire Weekend. During their performance, we also noticed a record breaking number of dudes in salmon colored short-shorts paired with braided belts. We kid cause we love.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and say hello at the booth. Our hands are stinging from all of the sonic high-fives, but it was worth it. We'll be seeing Pitchfork again for sure!


Pitchfork Day Two Recap

There was a reoccurring chant by a few of the performers on day two: "&%#* the rain!". After an early afternoon drenching created a bit of a muddy mess and a LOT of wet music fans, the grounds dried out and the shows were incredible.

Flying Lotus dropped the dirty, filthy, don't-take-home-to-momma bass and pulled a huge reaction from the crowd.

Sleigh Bells was the stand out performer of the day for us. They came on and simply went off. We're almost certain our organs were rearranged when we were getting blasted by soundwaves while fighting for pictures. They were huge, and singer Alexis Krauss was all over the stage. It's safe to say we developed another crush...

Hot Chip provided the Saturday night dance party, and inspired a makeshift jump-rope circle.

We can't wait for Sunday's lineup! Don't forget to hit up our #cushelove giveaway on Facebook!


#cushelove During Pitchfork

It’s on! We’re at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago starting today through Sunday! This is good for us, and some of you. What’s good for ALL of you is what we’re doing to celebrate.

Today through Sunday, we are spreading the #cushelove, and we want you to help.

Now, since you are helping us, we want to help you in the best way we know how: shoes, man; shoes. You can spread the #cushelove on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not so coincidentally, you can win $100 to spend at in these very same places. Here’s how:

Facebook: Visit our page, and click on the #cushelove tab. Drop us your email address and you are entered to win. Then, share the sweepstakes with your friends for a bonus entry. Six (6!) $100 codes are up for grabs here.
Twitter: You know the drill here. Tweet #cushelove at @CusheUS and you are entered to win. Almost TOO easy… Nine (9!) $100 codes up for grabs here.
Instagram: Another easy way to enter. Take an awesome photo, and use the hashtag #cushelove. We’ll be watching, and you’ll be entered. We’ll pick the best picture for a $100 code.

That’s three ways to win. Facebook and Twitter winners are drawn daily, so if you win, you can brag almost immediately. Art takes time, so Instagram winners will be selected on Monday.

But then there’s this: use #cushelove in the promo code box during the checkout process on, and get 20% off your order. Cake, meet frosting. Everybody is a winner, especially us, because you are the best friends a shoe maker could ever have… oh god… we promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry…

<3 Cushe


Sneak Peak & Free Shipping!

Earlier this week we had a little preview event at Cushe HQ – and our friends over at mLive came out to get the scoop. That’s still reporter-talk… right? Anyway, not only did they deliver the news on how awesome our shoes are doing (thanks to you, the badass fan base we have), they posted some photos of our upcoming product.

So click through, and enjoy a little preview of some of the things we’ve got coming for ya feets right here!

We’re also celebrating successfully NOT confusing Memorial and Labor Day this year by offering some hot, sweaty, free ground shipping action from our store. Just enter the code SUMMERSTYLE12 at checkout starting right now and all the way through Tuesday, May 29th. Do it. We won’t tell… unless you want us to?

That got a little weird, but we’re not sorry.

Have a great holiday weekend!

<3 Cushe


Capital City Film Festival, Round 2

We’ve been a part of some pretty amazing events over the last few years. Pro surf invitationals all over the world, Sasquatch Music Festival, Treasure Island Music Festival, SXSW… we get around, and yes; we’re crafty and we’re always down.

It’s also really nice to support the up-and-coming events, especially when they are practically in our backyard. That’s exactly why we took a short trip down the road to the capital city of America’s High Five - Lansing, Michigan, for the second annual Capital City Film Festival.

The CCFF, which took place April 12-15, is an upstart festival that brings together movies, music, and ideas. This isn’t what you’d traditionally think of when you think film festival though. It’s much more rock n’ roll, and that is definitely reflected in the content they bring in during the four days.

Since we sponsored the music venue, the Cushe crew hit the road to spread the good word on awesome footwear, and to hear some amazing bands.

The kick-off was Michigan’s own Greensky Bluegrass, who really bend the genre of bluegrass when they dive into a jamming cover of the Beatles “Help”. Murder by Death (pictured above) put on an amazing Friday night show, and William Elliot Whitmore took us down the Americana road on Saturday night. Whitmore also had the most epic encore we’ve seen in a long time, which involved exiting the front of the stage, wielding a guitar, and a shot of whiskey (we’ll explain more over a beer sometime). The closing night was no slacker either, featuring a fantastic performance by LIGHTS, who is absolutely blowing up right now.

When it was all said and done, the festival boasted 72 films, a full day of fresh ideas shared by people who are WAY smarter than us featuring reps from Google and the New York Times, and four straight nights of top flight shows to close each day down.

Whew. Not a bad way to spend a weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing where the CCFF goes in the next few years.

<3 Cushe