Rock The Sock(less)

We're on the eve of summer - well, the technical eve anyway - and it's already been super summerific in terms of weather for a lot of you out there. In places with actual seasons, summer presents a whole load of opportunities to give your feet some much needed freedom from heavy socks and shoes. 

Canvas is the word, and sans sock is the look. 

If you are a Cushe Slipper fan, we have some good news that is about to make dropping the socks a bit easier on that front - the canvas Cushe Slipper is machine washable! More details on that coming soon.  

That's all well and good, but what if you want to wear something that isn't the Cushe Slipper and keep the sock less look? What if you are worried about rubbing in all the wrong places - or rubbing someone the wrong way with some serious foot funk? Worry not, there is a solution: The loafer sock. 

Some places call them 'no-show' socks as well, but keep an eye on the ankle rise. We've found that not all no-show sock options are equal. If you want to make sure nothing peeks out over your shoe, the better luck has been had with socks specifically made for loafers. 

These babies have been our secret summer weapons for a few years now. They are the best of both worlds and so many people are making them now, that you'll have a lot of options in choosing what you like best. A quick use of the Googles will reveal the true power of the internet: sock shopping. 

Also this cat in a sock


The Birth of Surf Fashion

Meet the Hoffman collection, the birth of surf fashion, and the inspiration for the Cushe Life. 


Never Enough Boots

We like fall and winter for a few reasons: the colorful change in seasons, friends and family around the holidays, hitting the hills after a fresh snowfall... all good stuff. Most importantly though, it's scarf and boot season. We don't make scarves, but we do make a lot of awesome boots!

David Lee Roth once told Henry Rollins (and we're paraphrasing here) that every ticket he sold to a show was a contract his band had with that person for a good experience. Why are we telling you this? Well, because it's awesome and strange that Rollins and Roth have a friendship. More importantly though, we feel that same way about our boots. Shoes too, but we're talking about boots today. We want to keep your feet warm and dry. We want you to not settle for salt stains. We want to keep you looking good, and feeling Cushe. Check out our full range of women’s boots here.


Gentlemen… Boot Up.

At our secret lair in the Midwest, we can feel the cool air starting to creep in. Fear not the falling leaves though, friends. We have a couple of silky smooth boots this season that will pair perfectly with your fall and winter wardrobe.

The Bespoke Slipper Chuka and the Evo Desert are a Cushe take on classic men’s style. Both boots are incredibly versatile, and cross between casual and a little more professional effortlessly. The grey and brown pictured above go with just about anything. We’ve got you covered with plenty of options though, in case you are feeling a little friskier.

Speaking of that wardrobe, we’ve picked out a few updated basics that are a great compliment to your new Cushe kicks. We dig this pair of J. Crew 484 Selvedge denim. They are somewhere in between slim and skinny – which is the place to be. I think we can all agree it’s time to stop painting our pants on… No matter what denim maker you prefer, go for the selvedge finish and let your Cushe Life wear them in for a totally unique and crazy comfortable fit.

A solid oxford shirt is another staple. It tends to adopt the look of the parts around it, so you can dress it up or down. We like pockets in our shirts. In fact, don’t trust a man without a shirt pocket… We’ve got a UNIQLO take pictured above, but you can find these nearly anywhere. Just make sure it sports a pocket if you ever want us to trust you.

If you are looking to grab a new jacket this season, check out Spiewak. These guys have been making outerwear since 1904, so we’re pretty sure they’ve got this on lock. The Barrow CPO Jacket in Charcoal is a great mix of cool and classic.

These are just some of our ideas. What do you rock with your Cushe boots? As always, let us know over on Facebook and Twitter. Post pictures of your Cushe style; you never know how we’ll thank you for sharing. Because sharing… is caring.

<3 Cushe